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Tippi Hedren

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Tippi Hedren Biography and Filmography
Tippi Hedren
Birthday: January 19, 1931
Birth Place: New Ulm, Minnesota, USA
Height: 5' 5"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Tippi Hedren.
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We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.
Blonde actress/model Tippi Hedren lists the year of her birth as 1935, which means that she would have been 14 or 15 when she appeared fleetingly in her first film, The Petty Girl (1950). Hedren did not resurface on the movie scene again until 1963, when she was "discovered" by Alfred Hitchcock. The official story is that Hitchcock wanted to mold Hedren into a new Grace Kelly; rumors persist that his interest in the actress went way beyond professional, and that he made a few clumsy advances towards her on the set. Whatever the case, Hedren starred in Hitchcock's The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964). She was criticized for being too impassive in the former film and too expressive in the latter, though it isn't fair to pick on her for the shortcomings of the script and direction. Hedren was under contract not to Hitchcock but to his home studio of Universal; thus, she was obliged to appear in a 1963 Kraft Suspense Theatre episode and in director Charlie Chaplin's A Countess from Hong Kong (1967), acquitting herself nicely in both instances. She curtailed her film appearances in the late 1960s when she married her second husband, Noel Marshall. The Marshalls then proceeded to pour 11 years' work (and million!) into Roar (1981), a film based on their own real-life efforts on behalf of the African wildlife preservation movement. Even three decades after the fact, Hedren can't quite shake her earlier relationship with Alfred Hitchcock: she played a murder victim in the 1990 TV remake of Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt, and starred in the made-for-cable The Birds II: Land's End (1994). Tippi Hedren is the mother of actress Melanie Griffith.
Rodeo Girl (2007)
[ Rachel Hunter ][ Kala Savage ]
Strike the Tent (2005)
[ Amy Redford ]
I Heart Huckabees (2004)
[ Naomi Watts ][ Talia Shire ][ Isla Fisher ][ Jean Smart ][ Lily Tomlin ]
Raising Genius (2004)
[ Danica McKellar ][ Wendie Malick ][ Shirley Jones ]
Return to Babylon (2004)
[ Jennifer Tilly ][ Laura Harring ][ Debi Mazar ][ Ione Skye ][ Maria Conchita Alonso ]
Rose's Garden (2003)
DarkWolf (2003)
[ Samaire Armstrong ][ Jaime Bergman ][ Katie Lohmann ]
Searching for Haizmann (2003)
IceMaker (2003)
[ Joan Van-Ark ]
111 Gramercy Park (2003)
[ Brittany Daniel ][ Samaire Armstrong ][ Erica Durance ][ Joanna Going ][ Kate Hodge ]
Julie and Jack (2003)
Tea with Grandma (2001)
Ice Cream Sundae (2001)
Mind Rage (2000)
The Thanksgiving Story: Part 2 (2000)
[ Constance Zimmer ]
The Unsinkable Sydney Hansen (2000)
Replacing Dad (1999)
[ Mary McDonnell ][ Camilla Belle ]
The Darklings (1999)
[ Suzanne Somers ][ Tania Saulnier ]
The Storytellers (1999)
[ Mitzy Kapture ]
I Woke Up Early the Day I Died (1998)
[ Christina Ricci ][ Tara Reid ][ Nicolette Sheridan ][ Summer Phoenix ][ Kathleen Robertson ]
Break Up (1998)
[ Bridget Fonda ][ Penelope Ann Miller ][ Cynthia Geary ]
Exposé (1998)
[ Karina Lombard ][ Maria Conchita Alonso ][ Sandra Bernhard ]
Mulligans! (1997)
The Way We War (1996)
Second Time Aground (1996)
Citizen Ruth (1996)
[ Kelly Preston ][ Alicia Witt ][ Laura Dern ][ Diane Ladd ][ Mary Kay Place ]
She Won't Do It, But Her Sister Will (1995)
Teresa's Tattoo (1994)
[ Nancy McKeon ][ Mary Regan ][ Mary Kay Place ][ Majel Barret-Roddenberry ][ Melissa Etheridge ]
I Never Promised You Charoses, Martin (1994)
Treacherous Beauties (1994)
[ Catherine Oxenberg ][ Emma Samms ][ Krista Bridges ]
The Birds II: Land's End (1994)
[ Chelsea Field ]
Inevitable Grace (1994)
[ Samantha Eggar ][ Victoria Sellers ][ Jaid Barrymore ]
Perry Mason: The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal (1993)
[ Morgan Fairchild ][ Lauren Lane ][ Polly Bergen ]
Through the Eyes of a Killer (1992)
[ Melinda Culea ][ Marsha Grant ][ Marg Helgenberger ]
Shadow of a Doubt (1991)
[ Diane Ladd ][ Shirley Knight ]
In the Cold of the Night (1991)
[ Shannon Tweed ][ Melinda Armstrong ][ Adrienne Sachs ][ Robyn Carlson ]
Pacific Heights (1990)
[ Melanie Griffith ][ Beverly D'Angelo ][ Laurie Metcalf ][ Miriam Margolyes ][ Barbara Harris ]
Return to Green Acres (1990)
[ Lycia Naff ]
Deadly Spygames (1989)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985)
[ Melanie Griffith ][ Annette O'Toole ][ Kim Novak ]
Foxfire Light (1982)
[ Faye Grant ]
Roar (1981)
[ Melanie Griffith ]
Allá donde muere el viento (1976)
The Harrad Experiment (1973)
[ Melanie Griffith ][ Laurie Walters ][ Sharon Taggart ]
Mister Kingstreet's War (1973)
Free Is a Four Letter Word (1970)
Satan's Harvest (1970)
The Man and the Albatross (1969)
[ Suzanna Leigh ]
Tiger by the Tail (1968)
[ Charo ]
A Countess from Hong Kong (1967)
[ Sophia Loren ][ Geraldine Chaplin ][ Angela Scoular ]
Marnie (1964)
[ Diane Baker ][ Mariette Hartley ][ Kimberly Beck ]
The Birds (1963)
[ Veronica Cartwright ][ Jessica Tandy ][ Susan Pleshette ]
The Petty Girl (1950)
[ Mary Wickes ][ Elsa Lanchester ]
  • At the end of shooting Mister Kingstreet's War (1973), she discovered that the big cats used in the production had no place to go and would likely languish in small cages. This prompted her to obtain a parcel of land on her own to establish a home with a natural setting for retired big cats. She named it Shambala and it exists to this day.
  • Mother of Melanie Griffith.
  • Presides over The Roar Foundation, an animal preserve outside of Los Angeles.
  • Director Alfred Hitchcock unsuccessfully pursued a relationship with her during the filming of The Birds (1963).
  • Is a vegetarian
  • She named one of her housecats after Sean Connery, her co-star in Marnie (1964).
  • Lobbying for passage of Shambala Wild Animal Protection Act.
  • Participated in panel at University of Illinois on "Hitchcock, Women and Terror, " October 2001.
  • She smoked for 15 years, but quit when her daughter, actress Melanie Griffith, then 10 years old, came to her after a school health lecture and begged her to stop.
  • 30 January 2003, Received Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Alfred Hitchcock spotted her in a diet drink commercial on the "Today" (1952) show, and cast her in The Birds (1963). While filming, she was actually cut in the face by a bird in one of the shots.
  • Grandmother of Alexander Bauer, Dakota Johnson, and Stella Banderas.
  • Mother-in-law of Antonio Banderas. Former mother-in-law of Don Johnson and Steven Bauer.
  • Operates an exotic animal sanctuary which prompted her testimony in February 2005 in Riverside Superior Court. Hedren made a complaint regarding animal cruelty by a tiger rescuer and was told by U.S. Department of Agriculture that there were not enough inspectors to respond to her complaint. She eventually made room for a lion rather than have it go to the rescuer. She stated she felt like she was walking through a trash dump.
  • Her store owner father, Bernard, was Swedish and her school teacher mother, Dorathea, was German-Norwegian.
  • Ex-stepmother of Tracy Griffith.
  • Friend of Linda Blair.
  • Has a sister named Patty Davis.
  • She met with Hitchcock and his wife Alma for the final time in London, England in 1966 while she was filming Charlie Chaplin's last film, A Countess from Hong Kong (1967). They took her to tea at Claridge's. The atmosphere was tense, because she knew Hitchcock was upset that she had been cast in what was expected to be a big film, and he was unable to hide his bitterness.
  • Her performance as Melanie Daniels in "The Birds" (1963) is ranked #86 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.

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