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Susan Lucci Biography and Filmography
Susan Lucci
Birthday: December 23, 1946
Birth Place: Scarsdale, New York, USA
Height: 5' 2"
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Susan Lucci was born on December 23, 1946, in Scarsdale, New York, although she grew up in Garden City. Since she can remember she always wanted to be a performer, and through her teenage years, took voice lessons, dance lessons, and participated in community theater. In high school she was the ideal student: took many honors classes, was a cheerleader, staff writer for the school newspaper, was a foreign exchange student to Norway, and performed in the school musicals, including lead roles in "Oklahoma" and "The King and I". After graduating with Honors from Garden City High School, she was accepted and attended Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York, which was noted for its theater program. After graduating with a BFA in theater arts, she moved to New York City, and began going to auditions. One of her first jobs was that of a color girl for CBS. Every day she would report to the studio, and sit on a stool, as technicians developed the new color cameras. Most of her acting work consisted of Off-Broadway understudy roles, day-player roles on soap operas, and extra and stand-in work for movies. In 1969 at the age of twenty-three, she auditioned for a brand new soap opera that was to be called "All My Children" (1970). She landed the role of Erica Kane, which is still considered by many critics to be one of the best roles on television written for women. Around this time, she met an married restaurant owner Helmut Huber. In 1978, Susan received her first Daytime Emmy nomination. She was nominated again in 1981, and nominated almost every year since then. In the early 1980s, she became the first soap opera actress to appear on the cover of major magazines, as well as the first to star in Movies of the Week. But what made her a household name by the late 1980s was her string of Emmy losses. It became a running joke that the `Queen of Daytime Television' had no crown. It seems that every time that she would have a real knockout year, another daytime diva would have a more unique story line, or a more challenging acting role, including multiple personalities, or an actress playing more than one character. But in 1999, on her 19th Emmy nomination, she won. She received a four minute standing ovation. Now, after twenty one nominations, she is considered to be one of the most honored performers in the history of television, daytime or primetime.
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Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986)
[ Olivia de Havilland ][ Amy Irving ][ Claire Bloom ][ Elke Sommer ]
Mafia Princess (1986)
Invitation to Hell (1984)
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Young Doctors in Love (1982)
[ Demi Moore ][ Sean Young ][ Janine Turner ][ Crystal Bernard ][ Christie Brinkley ]
Goodbye, Columbus (1969)
[ Jaclyn Smith ][ Ali McGraw ]
  • After 19 nominations and no wins, she finally won a Daytime Emmy Award for the role of Erica Kane in "All My Children" (1970) in 1999.
  • Has chestnut hair and dark brown eyes
  • She has been married to Helmut Huber for over 35 years, and they have two children, a son Andreas and a daughter Liza Huber. She is one of two characters left from the AMC pilot, and is one of the most recognizable women on soaps. She started AMC shortly after graduating from Marymount College.
  • Daughter Liza Huber is also a soap starlet.
  • Is half Italian and half Swedish.
  • With more than 20 Emmy nominations, she has been honored with more acting nominations than any other performer in the history of television, daytime or primetime.
  • Measurements: 34B-24 1/2-36 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
  • Graduated from Garden City High School in Garden City, NY in 1964. She wa as a cheerleader and voted "Best Actor" by her classmates.
  • Has her own line of hair care products, perfumes, lingerie and skin care called The Susan Lucci Collection.
  • Has made literally millions of dollars since 2001 when she put her name on the Guthy-Renker microdermabraison product "Youthful Essence" which has sold well over 2 million units to date.
  • Featured film debut was the unreleased "Danny, You Kill Me".
  • Has had amazing success with her new skin care collection, Youthful Essence. To date she and partner Guthy-Renker have sold over 4 million kits.
  • Her fragrance LaLucci is now available in Wal-Mart stores. It is the first time she has ever sold a product in stores. She is also the first soap opera star to sell their own product in a major retail store.
  • Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. [January 28, 2005]
  • After being nominated for 19 Emmys, she finally won in 1999. Her reputation of losing numerous times is so legendary when an actor/actress loses after several times they say, "You pulled a Susan Lucci." Angela Lansbury is almost up to the speed of Susan, with 18 loses.
  • After 19 nominations, actor Shemar Moore announced Susan's first daytime Emmy win in 1999 by jumping up and down and screaming "the streak is over!"
  • As of May 2006, she and partner Guthy-Renker have sold over 6 million Youthful Essence Personal Microdermabrasion kits. They attribute this success to Susan's huge fan base.
  • Her daughter is expecting a baby due late December or very early January.
  • After 19 nominations, actor Shemar Moore announced Susan's first daytime Emmy win in 1999 by jumping up and down and screaming "the streak is over!".
  • Her daughter, Liza Huber, is expecting a baby due late December or very early January.

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