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Shannen Doherty Biography and Filmography
Shannen Doherty
Birthday: April 12, 1971
Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Height: 5' 3"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Shannen Doherty.
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Shannen was born in Memphis, Tennessee on April 12, 1971 to parents Tom and Rosa. Her father worked in a bank while her mother owned a beauty parlor. She has an older brother named Sean. In 1978 the young Shannen (who was only seven at the time) and her family moved to Los Angeles, where her father started a West Coast branch of the family transportation business. Shannen has always been close to her family, who disciplined her from a young age. She knew she wanted to pursue an acting career at the tender age of seven. Things moved quickly, and she made her debut at age 10, with a role on the series "Father Murphy" (1981).Shannen was a confident student, involving herself in school performances and trying hard at class work, making sure she always had exceptional grades. Despite her confidence, she kept to herself and preferred to be alone rather than be with large groups of people. She cracked into the entertainment world at just 11 years old, starring in "Little House on the Prairie" (1974) as Jenny Wilder. It was Michael Landon who noticed her performance in an episode of "Father Murphy" (1981), when he decided to cast her. She then went on to appear in "Our House" (1986) with Deidre Hall and Wilford Brimley. She also starred alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt in Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985) and then in Heathers (1989), a teen comedy in which Winona Ryder also starred.Shannen's real success came in 1990, at the age of 19, when she secured a part on Aaron Spelling's teen drama, "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) as the character Brenda Walsh, who was a teenage twin sister to Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley). She attracted a lot of attention from the press and eventually gained celebrity status. It was a very successful popular teen drama and teenage girls everywhere related to her character, Brenda Walsh. After four years, Shannen left the show in 1994. She starred in Almost Dead (1994) and Mallrats (1995) to keep her acting career alive.She was reunited with Aaron Spelling when in 1998, she was offered the part of Prue Halliwell on "Charmed" (1998), a show about three witches who protect the innocent. She starred alongside Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs. After just 3 seasons, she left to work on other projects, such as movies. She had directed three of the last episodes she had starred in. She has already been in 3 movies since leaving "Charmed" (1998), which are Another Day (2001) (TV), The Rendering (2002) (AKA: 'Portrait of Murder'), Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay (2002) (TV), and Nightlight (2003) (TV) (AKA: 'View of Terror'). She also hosted season one of "Scare Tactics" (2003) and eight episodes of season two but left to pursue other endeavors.In the fall of 2004, Shannen later returned to television on Fox's drama series "North Shore" (2004) where she starred as Alexandra Hudson, the long lost sister of Brooke Burns. Eventually the show was canceled after one season. Then in 2005, she got the role of Denise Johnson on the UPN series "Love, Inc." (2005), however she was dropped from the sitcom. From there she has ventured on into new projects and is looking to produce her own series.
Category 7: The End of the World (2005)
[ Gina Gershon ][ Lindy Booth ][ Swoosie Kurtz ]
The Ex-Games (2005)
Shark (2005)
Catwalk (2004)
Sucker Punch (2004)
Nightlight (2003)
[ Jayne Heitmeyer ]
Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay (2002)
[ Parker Posey ][ Shirley McLaine ]
The Rendering (2002)
Another Day (2001)
Look Who's Barking (2001)
Exit Strategy (2001)
The Demon Who Came in from the Cold (2001)
Sin Francisco (2001)
Satan's School for Girls (2000)
[ Julie Benz ][ Kate Jackson ][ Taraji P. Henson ]
Striking Poses (1999)
The Ticket (1997)
Nowhere (1997)
[ Denise Richards ][ Heather Graham ][ Traci Lords ][ Christina Applegate ][ Mena Suvari ]
Sleeping with the Devil (1997)
[ Bonnie Bartlett ][ Melissa Carlton ]
Friends 'Til the End (1997)
[ Marisol Nichols ][ Shanna Moakler ][ Nicole Bilderback ][ Jenna Leigh Green ]
Gone in the Night (1996)
Mallrats (1995)
[ Claire Forlani ][ Joey Lauren Adams ][ Pricilla Barnes ][ Renée Humphrey ][ Elizabeth Ashley ]
Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (1994)
[ Kari Wuhrer ]
Vital Signs (1994)
[ Kari Wuhrer ]
Truth and Consequences (1994)
Divas (1994)
A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story (1994)
[ Rue McClanahan ][ Lagena Greene ]
Jailbreakers (1994)
[ Adrienne Barbeau ][ Dana Barron ]
Blindfold: Acts of Obsession (1994)
[ Kristian Alfonso ][ Tara Buckman ]
Almost Dead (1994)
[ Teri Thompson ]
Obsessed (1992)
[ Lois Chiles ][ Deanna Lund ]
Freeze Frame (1992)
Forever Young (1991)
Heathers (1989)
[ Winona Ryder ][ Penelope Milford ]
Outlaws (1986)
The Other Lover (1985)
[ Lindsay Wagner ][ Millie Perkins ]
Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)
[ Sarah Jessica Parker ][ Helen Hunt ][ Gina Gershon ][ Kristi Somers ]
Little House: Bless All the Dear Children (1984)
[ Melissa Gilbert ][ Scottie MacGregor ]
Little House: The Last Farewell (1984)
[ Melissa Gilbert ][ Karen Grassle ][ Scottie MacGregor ]
A Child with No Name (1983)
[ Melissa Gilbert ][ Scottie MacGregor ]
Marvin's Garden (1983)
[ Melissa Gilbert ]
Little House: Look Back to Yesterday (1983)
[ Melissa Gilbert ][ Melora Hardin ][ Scottie MacGregor ]
The Return of Nellie (1982)
[ Melissa Gilbert ]
Rage (1982)
Night Shift (1982)
[ Shelly Long ][ Katherine Gorzel ][ Cheryl Axley ][ Jaid Barrymore ][ Ola Ray ]
The Secret of NIMH (1982)
[ Edie McClurg ]
By the Bear That Bit Me: Part 1 (1981)
  • Couldn't reach an agreement with the producers of "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) regarding specifics of her participation in the series finale so using edits and digital effects they removed her entirely from the next to last episode retrospective. An hour long special which included virtually every other actor in show's history.
  • Sentenced to anger-management counseling by the Beverly Hills Municipal Court for an incident that occurred in August 1996; she got into an argument with 22 year old Corey Hanker and smashed a beer bottle on his car window as he tried to drive away from her. [12 September 1997]
  • In her family, her father Tom, works at a bank; her mother Rosa, is the owner of a beauty parlor; she also has an older brother named Sean; born 1967.
  • Appeared several times partially nude in Playboy magazine, one image is December 1993, others in safer sex spread in March 1994. Later posed once again on the cover of Playboy in December 2003.
  • Was removed from the teen soap "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) at end of 4th season (March 1994). According to producer Aaron Spelling because of constant conflicts with other cast members and repeatedly late appearances on the set.
  • Infuriated William Friedkin when she failed to turn up for the first day of shooting Jailbreakers (1994) (TV) in Hollywood. Shannen, as it turned out, had just returned from Italy, where she'd raised hell by turning up late for an interview on a television talk-show. Friedkin's first reaction was to call auditions and look at 12 other actresses to take the 90210-brat's part. But then he decided to stick with Doherty.
  • Family moved to Los Angeles when she was 7 years old.
  • In 1992, Shannen was a guest on "The Dennis Miller Show" (1992). She appeared on the fourth show which meant that host, Dennis Miller, was still in the process of getting used to the talk-show format. Early in the interview, she rudely asked Miller if he was nervous and went on to point out his eyebrow which was twitching nervously. This made headlines the next day and before long, Miller was routinely making an effort to lampoon her on his talk show.
  • Offered a role in Scream 3 (2000).
  • While on the set of Blindfold: Acts of Obsession (1994) (TV), she met Judd Nelson and they later became engaged.
  • Sentenced to either 10 days in jail or 20 days of work-release duty, three years probation, and ordered to pay a 00 fine for drunk-driving charges. [12 June 2001]
  • Beat future "Charmed" (1998) co-star Alyssa Milano for the role of Rene in the cult film Mallrats (1995). [1995]
  • Shannen had her wages garnished by California United Bank when she was on "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) because she wrote nearly ,000 worth of bad checks.
  • Has four horses and three dogs.
  • Goddaughter is named Cooper London, daughter of Jason London.
  • Still owns a percentage of "Charmed" (1998) even though she left the show.
  • Dated actor Andrew Levitas [2004].
  • Her brief marriage to Ashley Hamilton is referenced in Mallrats (1995). Ben Affleck's character in the film is named Shannon Hamilton.
  • Reunited with ex-husband Rick Salomon after being separated for a year. [2004]
  • Best friend of actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  • Lives on a horse ranch in Ventura County, California
  • On the special, Beverly Hills 90210: 10-Year High School Reunion (2003) (TV) she revealed that the hardest thing about doing the show was pretending that Jason Priestley, whom she referred to as "a total babe", was her brother. She then revealed that, years later, people often approach her and ask her about the "weird incestuous vibe" between Brandon and Brenda, their characters. She said her response is always "damn straight".
  • Is a fan of "24" (2001). On that show's Season 4 DVD set, she provides audio commentary on "3:00 PM - 4:00 PM" with episode writer Evan Katz.
  • A huge fan of the show "24" (2001), and provides commentary for the episode Day 4: 4 PM to 5 PM, expressing her 'addiction' to the show.
  • Was born on the same day and year as Nicholas Brendon.
  • Ranked #5 in "100 Greatest Teen Stars" (2006) (mini).

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