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Sally Gray

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Actresses who appeared
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Sally Gray Biography and Filmography
Sally Gray
Birthday: February 14, 1916
Birth Place: Holloway, London, England, UK
Height: 0' 0"
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for Sally Gray.
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A bewitching blonde with a deliciously throaty speaking voice, Sally Gray was a London stage actress from childhood. After a false start in 1930, Gray established herself as a welcome screen presence in 1935, specializing in musicals and light comedies. She was introduced to American film fans in the 1938 RKO production The Saint in London. In 1942, Sally Gray temporarily retired from the screen, returning to the fore in tense, dramatic roles in such memorable films as Green for Danger (1946), They Made Me a Fugitive (1948) and The Hidden Room (1950).
Escape Route (1952)
Obsession (1949)
Silent Dust (1948)
They Made Me a Fugitive (1947)
The Mark of Cain (1947)
Carnival (1946)
Green for Danger (1946)
Dangerous Moonlight (1941)
The Saint's Vacation (1941)
Olympic Honeymoon (1940)
A Window in London (1940)
The Lambeth Walk (1940)
The Saint in London (1939)
Mr. Reeder in Room 13 (1938)
Over She Goes (1938)
Sword of Honour (1938)
Hold My Hand (1938)
Lightning Conductor (1938)
Cafe Colette (1937)
Saturday Night Revue (1937)
Calling the Tune (1936)
Cheer Up (1936)
The Dictator (1935)
Checkmate (1935)
Cross Currents (1935)
Lucky Days (1935)
Radio Pirates (1935)
School for Scandal (1930)
  • Voluptuous blonde British leading lady of routine 30s routine filming who suffered a nervous collapse in 1941, returning briefly before retiring for marriage.

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