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Renee O'Connor Biography and Filmography
Renee O'Connor
Birthday: February 15, 1971
Birth Place: Katy, Texas, USA
Height: 5' 4"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Renee O'Connor.
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Renee O'Connor was born in Houston, Texas, to Walter and Sandra O'Connor (now Wilson), and raised in Katy, a suburb. She attended "Taylor High School" (TX) and the "Houston High school of visual and performing arts", but ended up graduating from Taylor High school with her friends.Renee then appeared in certain commericials (one of them for "McDonalds"), a feature film called "Night game", and some work for the Mickey mouse club in 1989.From then on, she also appeared in several more movies (both feature and TV) and guest appearences on some TV shows such as NYPD Blue, before starring in a Hercules TV movie "Hercules and the lost Kingdom", as Deianeira, which caught the eyes of the exc. producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert, who proceeded to cast Renee in the 1994 feature film, "Darkman 2: Return of Durant", as Laurie Brinkman. Shortly after this, Hercules' sister show, "Xena:Warrior Princess" was launched, and Renee had been cast in an important part, as Gabrielle, Xena's trusty sidekick.Renee now resides in Auckland, New Zealand, where Xena is filmed. She was engaged to Steve Muir (a kiwi, or New Zealander) in Feburary, 2000, and uncomfirmed reports say they were married on 14th October, 2000, in Austin, Texas. Renee has one older brother, Chris, and her step father is Eddie Wilson.
Diamonds and Guns (2006)
Xena: The 10th Anniversary Collection (2005)
[ Lucy Lawless ][ Adrienne Wilkinson ]
Alien Apocalypse (2005)
One Weekend a Month (2004)
Xena: Warrior Princess - A Friend in Need (The Director's Cut) (2002)
[ Lucy Lawless ]
Soul Possession (2001)
[ Lucy Lawless ]
A Friend in Need: Part 1 (2001)
[ Lucy Lawless ]
Many Happy Returns (2001)
[ Lucy Lawless ]
When Fates Collide (2001)
[ Lucy Lawless ]
Rubbernecking (2000)
[ Jennifer Lien ][ Debra Wilson ]
Armageddon Now: Part 2 (1998)
[ Hudson Leick ]
Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus (1998)
[ Lucy Lawless ][ Alexandra Tydings ]
Stranger in a Strange World (1997)
[ Lucy Lawless ]
Judgement Day (1997)
[ Lucy Lawless ]
Follow the River (1995)
[ Ellen Burstyn ][ Sheryl Lee ]
The Rockford Files: A Blessing in Disguise (1995)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (1994)
Darkman II: The Return of Durant (1994)
[ Kim Delaney ]
The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1993)
[ Holly Brisley ]
The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993)
[ Anne Heche ][ Frances Conroy ][ Dana Ivey ]
Sworn to Vengeance (1993)
[ Sharon Farrell ][ Katherine Armstrong ]
Stone Cold (1991)
[ Sheryl Crow ][ Ilana Shoshan ]
Changes (1991)
[ Cheryl Ladd ][ Christie Clark ]
False Identity (1990)
[ Veronica Cartwright ][ Genevieve Bujold ]
Night Game (1989)
[ Karen Young ][ Dee Hennigan ]
Match Point (1989)
Black Snow (1989)
[ Jane Badler ]
Millionaire Murderer (0)
  • Graduate High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Houston, Texas, 1989.
  • Her scene in the Tales From The Crypt episode "The Switch" was edited out before release
  • Went to Houston High School of Visual and Performing Arts but transferred back to Taylor High School (Her first H.S.) in order to graduate with her friends.
  • Engaged to long term boyfriend New Zealander Steve Muir. [February 2000]
  • Mother - Sandra Wilson; Father - Walter O'Connor; Stepfather - Eddie Wilson; Brother - Chris O'Connor.
  • Son, Miles William Muir born weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces. [22 September 2001]
  • Played Lady Macbeth in the Shakespeare by the Sea's production of Macbeth. (Seven locations in the Los Angeles area, June 20 - August 17, 2002)
  • When the producers of Xena: Warrior Princess became aware of how athletic her body was, it prompted the new costume for season 2. It became a running joke on the show that the costume continued to shrink as the seasons passed.
  • Had a role in the Arnold Schwarzenegger-directed episode of Tales from the Crypt entitled "The Switch". Her role ended up on the cutting room floor.
  • She and the other star in "Xena: Warrior Princess", Lucy Lawless, are good friends.
  • Favorite movie is The Piano.
  • Has a cat named Kia Ora, which is Maori for "hello".
  • Has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Her hobbies are rock climbing, kickboxing, horseback riding, and painting.
  • Second child Iris Sura O'Connor, born March 19 2006.
  • One teacher at Taylor HS (Katy, Texas) realized her potential for acting and got an autograph before Renee graduated, knowing that she'd become a star soon after.

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