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Paola Bresciano

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Paola Bresciano Biography and Filmography
Paola Bresciano
Birthday: August 6, 1948
Birth Place: Québec, Canada
Height: 6' 2"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Paola Bresciano.
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Wrestlemania VII (1991)
[ Miss Elizabeth ][ Sherri Martel ]
Royal Rumble (1991)
[ Sherri Martel ]
Survivor Series (1990)
Summerslam (1990)
[ Sherri Martel ]
Royal Rumble (1990)
[ Zodiac ]
Survivor Series (1989)
[ Zodiac ][ Sherri Martel ]
Wrestlemania V (1989)
[ Miss Elizabeth ][ Zodiac ][ Sherri Martel ]
Royal Rumble (1989)
[ Miss Elizabeth ][ Zodiac ][ Sherri Martel ]
Survivor Series (1988)
[ Miss Elizabeth ][ Zodiac ]
Summerslam (1988)
[ Miss Elizabeth ]
Wrestlemania IV (1988)
[ Miss Elizabeth ][ Sherri Martel ]
Royal Rumble (1988)
Survivor Series (1987)
[ Miss Elizabeth ][ Zodiac ]
Wrestlemania III (1987)
[ Aretha Franklin ][ Miss Elizabeth ][ Zodiac ]
  • One daughter, born 1987.
  • Because there was no sign of a struggle or of forced entry, police believe Bresciano knew his killers.
  • Shot seven times; at least twice in the head.
  • Murdered because he was skimming from a smuggling network for which he collected the money.
  • Professional wrestler.
  • In December 1992, the WWF scheduled a retirement show for Dino Bravo at the Montreal Forum but it was cancelled.
  • The name "Dino Bravo" was taken from a wrestler from the late 50s, who was nicknamed "The Italian Casanova".
  • Notable Title Wins Include: Grand Prix tag champion, with Gino Brito; NWA Americas champion (Los Angeles); NWA Americas Tag Titles (Los Angeles) w/Victor Rivera; NWA Mid-Atlantic champion; NWA Mid-Atlantic tag champion (2); NWA World tag Title (Mid-Atlantic) w/ Mr. Wrestling; WWWF World tag champion, with Dominic Denucci; NWA Canadian champion

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