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Natasha Henstridge Biography and Filmography
Natasha Henstridge
Birthday: August 15, 1974
Birth Place: Springdale, Newfoundland, Canada
Height: 5' 1"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Natasha Henstridge.
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Model-turned-actress Natasha Henstridge first earned fame — to say nothing of notoriety — as Sil, the human-alien clone with a deadly need to mate and reproduce in Species (1995). Due to the strenuous demands of her character, the blonde, willowy Henstridge was required to spend much of the film naked, something that inspired plenty of testosterone-laced men's magazine profiles but little chance for critical respect. However, the actress persevered, gradually finding work in films that focused on her verbal skills rather than her ability to shed her clothing.Originally hailing from Springdale, Newfoundland, Henstridge grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Leaving home at 14 to pursue a modeling career, she moved to Paris, eventually becoming successful enough to grace the cover of French Cosmopolitan when she was only 15. Henstridge also appeared in ads for Oil of Olay and Lady Stetson, but she soon realized that she was meant for a more creatively stimulating calling. Whether her starring role in Species could be deemed creatively stimulating is arguable, but it did provide Henstridge with her breakthrough. Unfortunately, she next opted for near-nonentity status in such critical missteps as the Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle Maximum Risk (1996) and Species II (1998), which was nowhere near as commercially successful as its predecessor. Henstridge broke into new territory with the romantic comedy Dog Park (1998), co-starring alongside Janeane Garofalo and Luke Wilson. She continued to flex her comedic muscles in 2000 with The Whole Nine Yards, sharing the screen with a cast that included Matthew Perry, Bruce Willis, and Michael Clarke Duncan. Later that year, she appeared in Bounce, a romantic drama about a man (Ben Affleck) who falls in love with the widow (Gwyneth Paltrow) of the plane crash victim to whom he had given his seat on a doomed airplane.
Rick Hansen: Heart of a Dragon (2007)
Happy Birthday, Madam President (2006)
[ Geena Davis ][ Caitlin Wachs ][ Samantha Eggar ][ Polly Bergen ]
The Elephant in the Room (2006)
[ Geena Davis ][ Caitlin Wachs ][ Samantha Eggar ][ Polly Bergen ]
Ties That Bind (2006)
[ Geena Davis ][ Nicole de Boer ][ Caitlin Wachs ][ Samantha Eggar ][ Polly Bergen ]
The Price You Pay (2006)
[ Geena Davis ][ Caitlin Wachs ][ Polly Bergen ]
Widow on the Hill (2005)
[ Jewel Staite ]
Species III (2004)
[ Sunny Mabrey ]
The Whole Ten Yards (2004)
[ Amanda Peet ][ Amy Pietz ][ Tallulah Belle Willis ]
Power and Beauty (2002)
Riders (2002)
Kevin of the North (2001)
Ghosts of Mars (2001)
[ Clea DuVall ][ Pam Grier ][ Joanna Cassidy ]
A Girl, Three Guys, and a Gun (2001)
[ June Allyson ]
Jason and the Argonauts (2000)
[ Olivia Williams ][ Jolene Blalock ]
The Whole Nine Yards (2000)
[ Amanda Peet ][ Rosanna Arquette ][ Rumer Willis ][ Tallulah Belle Willis ][ Scout LaRue Willis ]
It Had to Be You (2000)
[ Emmy Rossum ][ Olivia D'Abo ]
A Better Way to Die (2000)
Second Skin (2000)
Bounce (2000)
[ Gwyneth Paltrow ][ Jennifer Grey ][ Julia Campbell ]
Caracara (1999)
[ Lauren Hutton ]
Dog Park (1998)
[ Janeane Garofalo ][ Kathleen Robertson ][ Jennifer Irwin ]
Bela Donna (1998)
[ Sophie Ward ][ Florinda Bolkan ]
Species II (1998)
[ Sarah Wynter ][ Myriam Cyr ][ Nancy La-Scala ][ Marg Helgenberger ]
Standoff (1998)
Kill You Twice (1998)
Adrenalin: Fear the Rush (1996)
[ Elizabeth Barondes ]
Maximum Risk (1996)
[ Stephane Audran ]
Species (1995)
[ Michelle Williams ][ Caroline Barclay ][ Barbara Harris ][ Lika Mc ][ Marg Helgenberger ]
  • Son, with fiancee Liam Waite, Tristan River Waite, born. [12 October 1998]
  • #1 of Sci-Fi's Sexy 50, by Femme Fatales magazine [1997]
  • Natasha was raised in a trailer park in Alberta, Canada. Her father was a biker/contractor. Her mother was a housewife. She left her home at age 14 to go to Paris to become a model.
  • Measurements: 36-25-36. (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
  • Was asked to play the role of Jill Valentine in Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004), but could not accept due to other work commitments.
  • Ranked #85 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002)
  • Became legally emancipated from her parents at age 14 so that she could move to Paris to be a model.
  • Son, with fiancee Liam Waite, Asher Sky Waite, born. [September 2001.]
  • Revealed in an interview with movie magazine Empire in 1998 that she is not very good at judging the scripts that are offered to her. She turned down both Independence Day and Men in Black, thinking "What is this shit?" while reading the screenplays.

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