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Marlene Jobert

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Marlene Jobert Biography and Filmography
Marlene Jobert
Birthday: November 4, 1943
Birth Place: Algiers, Algeria
Height: 5' 4"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Marlene Jobert.
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Jobert was born in 1943 in Algeria. She studied drama and fine art in Paris, made her acting debut on the stage in 1963 and secured her first film role in Louis Malle's Voleur, Le (1967) in 1966. Her big break came with her casting as Elisabeth in Jean-Luc Godard's _Masculin, féminin: 15 faits précis (1966)_ , in which she performed alongside Brigitte Bardot and Jean-Pierre Léaud, and other high profile roles in star-studded casts followed. She gave a particularly powerful performance in Maurice Pialat's 1971 production Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble (1972). Roles became rarer in the 1980s and Jobert increased her television and radio work by way of compensation.
Maintenant et pour toujours (1998)
[ Marisa Berenson ][ Marie Ravel ][ Francoise Pinkwasser ]
Avocat d'office (1996)
[ Helene De-Fougerolles ]
Femme à l'ombre, La (1992)
Cigognes n'en font qu'à leur tête, Les (1989)
[ Grace De-Capitani ][ Catherine Alric ][ Virginie Ogouz ]
Souvenirs souvenirs (1984)
[ Annie Girardot ][ Gabrielle Lazure ][ Fabienne Babe ]
Cavaliers de l'orage, Les (1984)
Effraction (1983)
Amour nu, L' (1981)
[ Sonia Vollereaux ]
Une sale affaire (1981)
Guerre des polices, La (1979)
[ Ludmilla Mickael ]
Grandison (1979)
Giocattolo, Il (1979)
[ Pamela Villoresi ]
Va voir maman, papa travaille (1978)
[ Meryl Macha ]
Imprécateur, L' (1977)
[ Christine Pascal ]
Julie pot de colle (1977)
[ Alexandra Stewart ][ Catherine Alric ]
Bon et les méchants, Le (1976)
[ Brigitte Fossey ]
Folle à tuer (1975)
Secret, Le (1974)
Juliette et Juliette (1974)
[ Annie Girardot ]
Pas si méchant que ça (1974)
Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble (1972)
[ Meryl Macha ]
Décade prodigieuse, La (1971)
Poudre d'escampette, La (1971)
Mariés de l'an II, Les (1971)
[ Laura Antonelli ]
To Catch a Spy (1971)
[ Bernadette Lafont ]
Dernier domicile connu (1970)
Astragale, L' (1969)
Passager de la pluie, Le (1969)
[ Jill Ireland ][ Ute Eckhardt ]
Faut pas prendre les enfants du bon Dieu pour des canards sauvages (1968)
Alexandre le bienheureux (1967)
Voleur, Le (1967)
[ Genevieve Bujold ][ Bernadette Lafont ][ Francoise Fabian ][ Marie Dubois ]
Par quatre chemins (1967)
Martin Soldat (1966)
[ Veronique Vendell ]
Masculin féminin: 15 faits précis (1966)
[ Brigitte Bardot ]
  • Aunt of actress Elsa Lunghini
  • Mother, with Walter Green, of actress Eva Green.
  • Orignially offered the role that Isabelle Huppert played in 8 femmes (2002).
  • Mother of Eva Green.
  • Has two daughters, twins, Eva and Joy
  • Her manager is Dominique Besnehard.
  • Best known for her role in the Charles Bronson thriller, Passager de la pluie, Le (1969) (aka "Rider on the Rain").
  • Noted for her red, short hair.
  • Sexy French actress who achieved international recognition in the late 1960s.

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