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Liliana Komorowska Biography and Filmography
Liliana Komorowska
Birthday: April 11, 1956
Birth Place: Gdansk, Poland
Height: 5' 8"
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Liliana Komorowska (maiden name Glabczynska), received her MA degree with honors from the Zelwerowicz State Theater Academy in Warsaw in 1979. In 1980, she made her debut performance in a Masterpiece Theater production of The Crucible as Abigail, winning the Best Actor Award from the Polish Television Academy. From then on, her acting career spanned from television, through stage and feature film. Throughout the years at the renowned Dramatic Theatre in Warsaw, she performed with the masters of the Polish stage. Some of the most prominent of her roles were those in Gombrowicz's Operetta, Racine's Britannicus, Diderot's Jacques the Fatalist, and Shakespeare's As You Like It.She was part of the finest period of the Polish Masterpiece Theater, with a number of memorable roles: Roxanne in Cyrano de Bergerac, Linda Manion in Anatomy of a Murder, and her role of a prostitute in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, by the side of the icon of the Polish theater, Tadeusz Lomnicki. Liliana's accomplished stage career was complemented by a number of film roles.She worked with such excellent directors as Krzysztof Zanussi in Contract and A Man Fom a Far Country or Jerzy Kawalerowicz appeared in Smierc Prezydenta and in Austeria as Jedwocha, one of her most acclaimed film roles. At the time of the martial law in Poland, in 1982, she was offered a part in an American production of War and Love, starring Kira Sedgwick, directed by Moshe Mizrahin (Oscar winner for Madam Rosa). The movie became a turning point of her career.After the filming she decided to stay in the USA and explore the world's largest and most influential film and television market. Her American career developed steadily and, as before, in this new environment she remained involved in a wide variety of artistic enterprises, continuing her work in film, theatre, and TV. From 1984 she played leading roles in American TV daytime series including: Another World NBC (as Daphne Grimaldi, 1985), As the World Turns CBS (as Angela Visconti, 1986), One Life to Live ABC (as Anabella Corto, 1987). She starred in an off-Broadway drama Shots at Fate. This period also brought leading film roles in TV productions such as: Simon & Simon, Equalizer, Kojak, and a guest-starring role in a CBS pilot The Saint.Liliana's feature film credits of this period include an indi production Astonished with her lead role as Sonia - a female counterpart of Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment, opposite Charles Dutton (Alien III), and Her Alibi, with the part of Pauline Porizkova's sister in a duet with Tom Selleck, a comedy directed by Bruce Beresford (Oscar winner for Driving Miss Daisy).In the years 1989 - 91, while in Europe, Liliana signed a contract with the BBC for a role in an acclaimed TV serial Mother Love, starring the great Diana Rigg (BAFTA award for the best British TV series). In the meantime she played in a Polish-French co-production Napoleon, American series Veronica Clare and Acapulco H.E.A.T., a CBS miniseries Lucky/Chances, based on a screenplay by Jackie Collins.Another chapter in her career started with a role in a sci fi horror Scanners III - a film which had a major influence on her life. This is where she met her future husband, one of the most acclaimed Canadian directors, Christian Duguay. Liliana and Christian embarked on a very creative and successful partnership of an actress and a director as well as wife and husband.Roles that followed include such films as Screamers with Peter Wellers (Robocop), Red-light with Thomas Arana, produced by the famous brothers Tony and Ridley Scott (GALAXY award for the best Canadian TV film). Her next role in The Assignment put her on screen next to movie stars Aidan Quinn, Donald Sutherland and Ben Kingsley.The line-up of her latest roles feature such films as a mini series for CBS Joan D'Arc (13 nominations for EMMY), a feature Suspicious Minds , starring Patrick Bergen and Gary Busy, and a leading female role in a recent CTV production The Royal Scandal, and the latest thriller by Christian Duguay The Art of War, starring Wesley Snipes and a high impact action feature ExtremOps., opening in North America on 27 November 2002.Liliana Komorowska lives in Montreal, Canada, where she is actively involved in both English and French film and TV.
The Woman of Ahhs (2005)
Funky Monkey (2004)
[ Roma Downey ]
Hitler: The Rise of Evil (2003)
[ Jena Malone ][ Stockard Channing ][ Julianna Margulies ]
Extreme Ops (2002)
[ Bridgette Wilson ]
Odyssée d'Alice Tremblay, L' (2002)
[ Mitsou ]
The Royal Scandal (2001)
Bouteille, La (2000)
[ Pascale Bussieres ]
The Art of War (2000)
[ Anne Archer ][ Michelle Weweje ]
Joan of Arc (1999)
[ Lee Lee Sobieski ][ Shirley McLaine ][ Jaqueline Bisset ][ Olympia Dukakis ]
The Assignment (1997)
[ Lucy Laurier ][ Celine Bonner ][ Claudia Ferri ]
Suspicious Minds (1997)
[ Jayne Heitmeyer ]
Screamers (1995)
[ Jennifer Rubin ]
The Revolutionary (1994)
Martial Outlaw (1993)
[ Krista Errickson ][ Anna Karin ]
Scanners III: The Takeover (1992)
[ Valerie Valois ]
Deadly Minds (1991)
Her Alibi (1989)
[ Paulina Porizkova ]
Kojak: Ariana (1989)
Astonished (1988)
The Saint in Manhattan (1987)
[ Holland Taylor ]
Code Name: Foxfire (1985)
[ Courteney Cox ][ Joanna Cassidy ]
War and Love (1985)
[ Kyra Sedgwick ]
Planeta krawiec (1983)
Austeria (1983)
From a Far Country (1981)
[ Lisa Harrow ]
Krab i Joanna (1981)
Wsciekly (1980)
Kontrakt (1980)
[ Leslie Caron ]
Smierc prezydenta (1978)

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