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Julia Roberts Biography and Filmography
Julia Roberts
Birthday: October 28, 1967
Birth Place: Smyrna, Georgia, USA
Height: 5' 9"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Julia Roberts.
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Julia Fiona Roberts, born in Smyrna, Georgia, never dreamed she would become the most popular actress in America. As a child, due to her love of animals, Julia originally wanted to be a veterinarian, but later studied journalism. When her brother, Eric Roberts, achieved some success in Hollywood, Julia decided to try acting. Her first break came in 1988 when she appeared in two youth-oriented movies Mystic Pizza (1988) and Satisfaction (1988). The movies introduced her to a new audience who instantly fell in love with this pretty woman. Julia's biggest success was in the signature movie Pretty Woman (1990), for which Julia got an Oscar nomination, and also won the People's Choice award for Favorite Actress. Even though Julia would spend the next few years either starring in serious movies, or playing fantasy roles like Tinkerbell, the movie audiences would always love Julia best in romantic comedies. With My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) Julia gave the genre fresh life that had been lacking in Hollywood for some time. Offscreen, after a brief marriage, Julia has been romantically linked with several other actors. Julia has also become involved with UNICEF charities and has made visits to many different countries, including Haiti and India, in order to promote goodwill. Julia is one of the most popular and sought-after talents in Hollywood.
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Satisfaction (1988)
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Firehouse (1987)
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  • Lent her celebrity name to help raise money for research to develop a cure for Rett Syndrome (a disease which is potentially fatal and randomly strikes girls between the ages of 2 to 6 years).
  • On People (USA) magazine's '50 Most Beautiful' list. [2000]
  • Has a half-sister, Nancy Motes (b. 1976).
  • Dated Benjamin Bratt. [1998 - June 2001]
  • Turned down the female lead in Shakespeare in Love (1998).
  • Ranked #66 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. [October 1997]
  • Was engaged to Kiefer Sutherland for a short period.
  • Dated Matthew Perry.
  • Sister of Lisa Roberts Gillan and Eric Roberts.
  • Played clarinet in the band. She attended Griffin Middle School and then Campbell High School.
  • Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world. [1990 & 91]
  • Has "movie within a movie" scenes in The Player (1992), Notting Hill (1999), America's Sweethearts (2001) and Full Frontal (2002).
  • Was considered for the role of Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin (1997).
  • She once tried out for a part on "All My Children" (1970), but was turned down.
  • Lived with Liam Neeson.
  • Dated Daniel Day-Lewis.
  • Father died of cancer when Julia was 10.
  • Ranked #1 (in Hollywood Power) and #12 (in $$) on Forbes magazine 'Power 100'.
  • Tops the list of the 200 "hottest" actors and actresses in the business in "James Ulmer's Hollywood Hot List: The Complete Guide to Star Power - 2000" book which is published in October 2000. [June 2000]
  • Changed her name from Julie to Julia when she applied for a SAG card and there was another SAG member actress named Julie Roberts.
  • Turned down the Sharon Stone role in Basic Instinct (1992).
  • Was engaged to her Steel Magnolias (1989) co-star, Dylan McDermott.
  • Beat out Sandra Bullock for the role of Maggie Carpenter in Runaway Bride (1999).
  • Lies on her back to have her make-up applied before going onto a film set -- she insists it gives her a relaxed look.
  • Frequently works with Steven Soderbergh
  • Sister-in-law of Tony Gillan
  • Sister-in-law of Eliza Roberts
  • Aunt of Emma Roberts
  • After George Clooney and Brad Pitt found out that she was going to be joining them in Ocean's Eleven (2001), they sent her a card that read "We heard that you get 20 per film" and in it was a bill; the joke was that she reportedly gets million per film.
  • Named one of People Magazine's '25 Most Intriguing People of 2001'.
  • Named one of E!'s "top 20 entertainers of 2001".
  • At the 2002 Peoples Choice Awards she admitted to being a huge fan of "Days of Our Lives" (1965) and asked to be seated near the cast.
  • Splits her down time between her ranch in Taos, New Mexico and a home in New York City
  • Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002.
  • Was ranked 6th of the 100 Sexiest Women by FHM Taiwan (2001).
  • Married boyfriend, cameraman Daniel Moder, at their home in New Mexico in a midnight ceremony. [4 July 2002]
  • She never acted in a sequel until Ocean's Twelve (2004).
  • She has Irish ancestry.
  • Ranked #16 in Premiere's 2003 annual Hollywood Power List. Had ranked #18 in 2002.
  • Ranked #10 in Star TV's Top 10 Box Office Stars of the 1990s (2003)
  • Measurements: 34B-23-34 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
  • She is a huge fan of actress Aishwarya Rai, whom she once commented on being "The most beautiful woman in the world, more beautiful than any Hollywood actress."
  • Pakistani film director Rauf Khalid wanted her to work in his film, and even invited her to Pakistan to discuss the project. But she refused because of prior commitments.
  • Observed art history classes at New York University in order to prepare for her role in Mona Lisa Smile (2003).
  • Her Oscar-winning performance as Erin Brockovich-Ellis was ranked #31 on the American Film Institute's Heroes list of the 100 years of The Greatest Screen Heroes and Villains.
  • Bruce Willis was the only celebrity that attended her wedding to Daniel Moder.
  • In the film America's Sweethearts (2001), her charcter is nicknamed "Kiki". This is the nickname of her Mona Lisa Smile (2003) co-star Kirsten Dunst.
  • Announced that she and husband Daniel Moder are expecting twins. Twins run in her family. She is due in early 2005. [June 2004].
  • Canadian singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk wrote the song "Julia" about her after seeing her at a Los Angeles restaurant.
  • Shares a birthday with actor Joaquin Phoenix.
  • A 9000 year old female skeleton excavated in Bulgaria in November 2004, was called by the archaeologists "Julia Roberts" because of the perfect teeth it had. They said that woman would have had a perfect smile - just like the actress.
  • 28 November 2004: Gave birth to twins in Los Angeles, a son named Phinnaeus Walter and a daughter named Hazel Patricia.
  • Has worked with both Hector Elizondo and Richard Gere in two different movies, first in Pretty Woman (1990), and then again in Runaway Bride (1999).
  • Because Erin Brockovich-Ellis is right handed and Roberts is not, she had to learn to use her right hand for Erin Brockovich (2000).
  • Premiere Magazine ranked her as the #7 Greatest Movie Star of All Time in their Stars in Our Constellation feature (2005).
  • Has played an art historian twice, once in Everyone Says I Love You (1996) and also in Mona Lisa Smile (2003).
  • First actress to reach 20 million dollar mark salary (for Erin Brockovich (2000))
  • She and her Ocean's Eleven (2001) / Ocean's Twelve (2004) co-stars, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Elliott Gould, all have guest-starred on the TV show "Friends" (1994), though not in the same episodes
  • Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2005 and appeared on the cover of the May 9, 2005 issue.
  • The Alchemist is one of her favorite books.
  • She wore a pink cotton halter dress by pal, Judith Beylerian, in her July 2002 wedding to Daniel Moder.
  • Roberts' production company "Red Om" films is her husband Danny's second name reversed
  • Her family could not afford to pay the hospital bills for her birth. They were paid by Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King's wife.
  • Early in her career, she auditioned unsuccessfully for two soap opera roles. She lost the part of Linda Warner to Melissa Leo on All My Children; and the part of Hayley Benson to Stacy Edwards on Santa Barbara.
  • Her performance as Erin Brockovich in Erin Brockovich (2000) is ranked #31 on the American Film Institute's 100 Heroes & Villains.

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