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Jean Seberg Biography and Filmography
Jean Seberg
Birthday: November 13, 1938
Birth Place: Marshalltown, Iowa, USA
Height: 5' 6"
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for Jean Seberg.
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The career of actress Jean Seberg began with seemingly unlimited promise: A small-town girl from the heartland of America, she created an overnight sensation when she was selected from a pool of 18,000 candidates for what seemed a certain future of fame and celebrity. The dream quickly became a nightmare, however, and both her career and her life spiralled out of control as she became a victim of unrealized expectations, exploitative films, and even her own ideals. Born November 13, 1938, in Marshalltown, IA, Seberg harbored acting dreams throughout her childhood, appearing in local productions of dramas like Our Town and Picnic. She was just 17 when director Otto Preminger selected her from a national talent search to star as Joan of Arc in his 1957 production of Saint Joan, but when reviews of the film as well as her performance were uniformly negative, it appeared that her career was already over. In an act of defiance, Preminger then cast Seberg again — as another French girl, no less — in his next project, Bonjour Tristesse. Again, however, her future looked grim, and this time even Preminger gave up on her, passing her contract on to Columbia, where they cast her in 1959's The Mouse That Roared for lack of a better project.Seberg was already written off by Hollywood when French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, previously known as a critic for the influential journal Cahiers du Cinema, requested her to co-star with Jean-Paul Belmondo in his feature debut
Légion saute sur Kolwezi, La (1980)
Bleu des origines, Le (1979)
Wildente, Die (1976)
Bianchi cavalli d'Agosto (1975)
Große Ekstase, Die (1975)
[ Isabelle A ][ Stefania Casini ]
Mousey (1974)
Ballad for Billy the Kid (1974)
Corrupción de Chris Miller, La (1973)
Attentat, L' (1972)
[ Karin Schubert ]
Camorra (1972)
[ Anna Zinnemann ]
Questa specie d'amore (1972)
[ Pensieri Cattivi ][ Ewa Aulin ]
Kill! (1971)
[ Fabia Taffarel ]
Macho Callahan (1970)
[ Diane Ladd ][ Joan Lunden ]
Airport (1970)
[ Jaqueline Bisset ][ Marion Ross ][ Maureen Stapleton ][ Dana Wynter ]
Ondata di calore (1970)
Paint Your Wagon (1969)
Pendulum (1969)
[ Isabel Sanford ]
Oiseaux vont mourir au Pérou, Les (1968)
Route de Corinthe, La (1967)
[ Ute Eckhardt ]
A Fine Madness (1966)
[ Joanne Woodward ][ Colleen Dewhurst ][ Sue Ann Langdon ]
Ligne de démarcation, La (1966)
[ Stephane Audran ]
Estouffade à la Caraïbe (1966)
Moment to Moment (1965)
[ Honor Blackman ]
Un milliard dans un billard (1965)
[ Elsa Martinelli ]
Lilith (1964)
[ Olympia Dukakis ][ Jessica Walter ]
Échappement libre (1964)
[ Fabia Taffarel ]
Plus belles escroqueries du monde, Les (1964)
[ Catherine Denueve ][ Mie Hama ]
In the French Style (1963)
[ Claudine Auger ]
Congo vivo (1962)
Amant de cinq jours, L' (1961)
Grandes personnes, Les (1961)
Let No Man Write My Epitaph (1960)
[ Shelley Winters ]
À bout de souffle (1960)
Récréation, La (1960)
The Mouse That Roared (1959)
Bonjour tristesse (1958)
[ Deborah Kerr ][ Mylene Demongeot ][ Elga Anderson ]
Saint Joan (1957)
  • Buried in the exclusive Montparnasse cemetery, Paris, France.
  • Her involvement with the Black Panther movement yielded the attention of the FBI, that spread the rumour about her pregnancy in 1970 being a child by Raymond Hewt, a Black Panther movement leader. She answered the press's innuendo by presenting the (white) body of her daughter Nina in a press conference. The incident may have contributed to her persistent depression over the years, and her decision to take her life in 1979.
  • 2 children: Alexandre Diego Gary (born July 1963) and Nina Hart Gary (born August 23, 1970, died August 25, 1970).
  • Although her husband Romain Gary acknowledged her daughter Nina as his own, during her pregnancy she confessed that she was actually the product of an affair (during a separation from Gary) with a student revolutionary named Carlos Navarra.
  • Daughter Nina died as a result of complications sustained from Jean overdosing on sleeping pills during her pregnancy on August 7, 1970.
  • She was a close friend of Nico, and 'David Keller' .
  • On every subsequent anniversary of her child's Nina's death Jean attempted suicide. In 1978 she somehow survived an attempt wherein she threw herself under a train on the Paris Metro.
  • Rumors flew that Jean's suicide was masterminded by the FBI but it was never proven. Buried in the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris, France, her funeral was attended by such notables as Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Bouvoire.
  • Committing suicide in the back seat of an automobile in a Paris suburb area, her body wasn't found until 11 days later.
  • Otto Preminger chose her to play Joan of Arc out of nearly 18,000 hopefuls.
  • Her second marriage to second husband/Russian novelist Romain Gary was tempestuous and profoundly unhappy due to his obsessive, Svengali-like influence on her. Divorced in 1970, she committed suicide in 1979 while he took his own life (gunshot) the very next year.

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