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Edward Albert

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Eva Gabor Biography and Filmography
Eva Gabor
Birthday: February 11, 1919
Birth Place: Budapest, Hungary
Height: 5' 4"
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Best known as the Gabor sister with talent, actress Eva Gabor began her career as a cabaret singer and ice skater in her native Hungary. Forced to emigrate to the U.S. at the outbreak of World War II, Gabor was able to secure film work in mystery-woman parts in such films as Forced Landing and Pacific Blackout (both 1941). The actress didn't truly achieve star stature until her Broadway appearance in The Happy Time (1950), though, curiously, she wasn't called upon to appear in the 1952 film version. Gabor's movie career, in fact, remained rooted in supporting roles, such as one of Vincent Price's victims in The Mad Magician (1954) and as Liane d'Exelmans in the Oscar-winning Gigi (1958). Like her sister Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eva has accrued plenty of press coverage thanks to her multiple marriages, but, unlike Zsa Zsa, Gabor has managed to stay off the police blotter — except for a 1964 incident in which she was nearly killed fighting off a couple of vicious diamond robbers. Gabor's best-loved public appearances were manifested in her five-year run as Lisa Douglas on the popular TV sitcom Green Acres (1965-1970). Contrary to the Gabor Sisters' image of contentiousness, Eva was well liked on the Green Acres set by both co-star Eddie Albert and director Richard Bare, who had nothing but praise for her professionalism and comic timing. Gabor proved she hadn't lost her touch in 1990 when the inevitable Green Acres two-hour revival movie made its way to television. She died in 1995.
The Ex-Secretary (1971)
Hawaiian Honeymoon (1971)
Lisa the Psychologist (1971)
The Hole in the Porch (1971)
The Carpenter's Ball (1971)
  • Sister of Magda Gabor
  • Daughter of Jolie Gabor
  • She founded a wig company.
  • Credited with the quote "Marriage is too interesting an experiment to be tried only once."
  • Sister of Zsa Zsa Gabor
  • Married and divorced five times, Eva's first husband, Dr. Erik Drimmer, was Greta Garbo's osteopath.
  • First of the Gabors to immigrate to America from Hungary.
  • Measurements: 36-22-36 (upon arrival from Hungary in 1940) (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
  • Was both a cat and dog lover.
  • Buried not too far from "Green Acres" co star Eddie Albert at Westwood Memorial in Los Angeles, California.
  • In the '70's and '80's, she provided the voices for Duchess the cat in Disney's "The Aristocats" , and Bianca the mouse in the "Rescuers" movies, which were also Disney movies.
  • Lived with Merv Griffin, creator of the "Wheel of Fortune" game show, for several years up until her death.

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