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Agatha Lys Biography and Filmography
Agatha Lys
Birthday: December 3, 1953
Birth Place: Valladolid, Castilla y León, Spain
Height: 0' 0"
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for Agatha Lys.
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Actress (b. Valladolid, Spain, Dec. 3, 1953). After having studied simultaneously Philosophy and Art and Speech (both careers remained unfinished), she became a household name overnight as one of the pretty and "bespectacled" hostesses of the top-rated TV contest "1, 2, 3, Responda Otra Vez", where she popularized what was going to be her early screen persona: platinum blonde-dyed hair, provocative ways and a sensuality always ready to break out. She made her film debut in 1972, at 19, and acquired an enormous popularity thanks to her tremendous sex-appeal and a clever promotion campaign that exploited a certain similarity between her looks and those of the late Marilyn Monroe to the extent of making a successful movie named precisely "The New Marilyn" (1976). She kept this image for a while (especially in her spectacular TV appearances in the mid-70s), but eventually got tired of it and decided to cut off her hair completely (she did it herself with a pair of scissors borrowed from a filming kit) and let it grow its natural dark colour again. Blonde or brunette, Lys grabbed a long string of femme fatale roles in films of each and every genre (thrillers, comedies, dramas, westerns, etc.) and turned into some kind of domestic myth at that time. (She also had the advantage of owning a fine diction that matched her thought-provoking voice perfectly, so, unlike some other actresses of that era, she didn´t need to be dubbed.) Anyway, after leading her bold image one step further in the late 70s, she decided to stop making films and concentrate on her theatrical work, that she had started in 1973 playing Dª Inés de Ulloa in Zorrilla´s "Don Juan Tenorio" with her own company. In the 1980s she focused her activity on recording music (which she did with real gusto and vocal dexterity), performing in both musical shows and dramatic or comic plays in which she displayed an image far removed from the one that shot her to fame and even making more sporadic appearances on TV (playing, for example, a splendid Portia on a small-screen adaptation of Shakespeare´s "The Merchant Of Venice"). The late 80s saw her returning to the movies and scoring some films of uneven success and quality, although she has always risen to the occasion. In any case, she is still an underestimated actress, though she has proved capable of giving such amusing characterizations as that of "Avisa A Curro Jiménez" (1978), where she seemed almost unrecognizable. Now she leads a rather reclusive life when not working (in contrast to the antics and eccentricities of her early career) and, although she has never married, she enjoys a very stable relationship with Fernando, her partner of some 20 years. Hers is really one of those examples of body-with-a-brain-on-top-to-match, and hopefully she will still be around for a large number of years.
Episode #1.195 (2006)
[ Ana Otero ]
Episode #1.194 (2006)
Episode #1.193 (2006)
[ Ana Otero ]
Episode #1.192 (2006)
Mala uva (2004)
Haz conmigo lo que quieras (2003)
Corazón de bombón (2001)
[ Valeria Marini ][ Neus Asensi ][ Mabel Lozano ]
Asunto interno (1996)
Familia (1996)
[ Elena Anaya ][ Amparo Munoz ][ Beatrice Camurat ]
Taxi (1996)
Pintadas (1996)
[ Emma Suarez ]
The Return of the Musketeers (1989)
[ Kim Cattrall ][ Geraldine Chaplin ]
Santos inocentes, Los (1984)
Onofre el Virgo (1982)
[ Barbara Rey ]
Mujer y un cobarde, Una (1979)
Violación fatal (1978)
Avisa a Curro Jiménez (1978)
Huerto del francés, El (1978)
[ Maria Cantudo ]
Marginadas, Las (1977)
Al fin solos, pero... (1977)
[ Rosario Flores ]
Fango (1977)
[ Rosa Valenty ]
Deseo carnal (1977)
[ Marujita D?az ]
Transexual, El (1977)
Erotismo y la informática, El (1976)
Camareras, Las (1976)
Noche de los cien pájaros, La (1976)
[ Carmen Sevilla ]
Nueva Marilyn, La (1976)
[ Eva Robbins ][ Marta Flores ]
Sábado, chica, motel ¡qué lío aquel! (1976)
Desarraigadas, Las (1976)
Iniciación en el amor, La (1976)
Último tango en Madrid, El (1975)
Valle de las viudas, El (1975)
[ Anita Ekberg ]
Alegres vampiras de Vögel, Las (1975)
[ Maria Cantudo ]
Strip-tease a la inglesa (1975)
[ Carmen Sevilla ]
In nome del padre, del figlio e della Colt (1975)
Vacaciones sangrientas (1974)
Fríos senderos del crimen, Los (1974)
Don Juan (1974)
Último viaje, El (1974)
Shoshena (1974)
Sex o no sex (1974)
[ Carmen Sevilla ]
Mujer de cabaret, Una (1974)
[ Carmen Sevilla ][ Norma Duval ]
Onofre (1974)
[ Barbara Rey ]
Pasqualino Cammarata... capitano di fregata (1973)
...e così divennero i tre supermen del West (1973)
Kalatrava contra el imperio del karate, Los (1973)
[ Marta Flores ]
Juego del adulterio, El (1973)
Ella (1973)
Me has hecho perder el juicio (1973)
Uno, dos, tres... dispara otra vez (1973)
El hogar (1972)
Los toros (1972)
Episode #1.15 (1972)
Episode #1.14 (1972)
Coltello di ghiaccio, Il (1972)
[ Carroll Baker ]
  • In the late 70s Lys had a minor auto accident and, although fortunately she was not seriously hurt, she had to stop working and stay at home for some weeks. A well-known magazine published then a pair of pre-accident photos that showed her dressed only with a leopard-skin bikini and locked up into a large cage. The caption of one of the photos read: "Now the fierce is locked up at her home".
  • In one occasion, in the mid-70s, when Lys was making a TV appearance dressed as a chorus girl of the 20s and dancing on top of a piano, her bodice moved a little bit and one of her breasts remained bare. As the programme was not live but recorded on tape, the take was dismissed and the scene was re-shot. More than twenty years later, the "original" scene was shown, as a blooper, on TV summer programme "Tal Como Éramos" (1998) and, commenting on it, she, who was one of the guests, said: "You know? If I had any grandchildren, that´s the image of me I´d like them to see."

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