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Susana Gimenez

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Susana Gimenez Biography and Filmography
Susana Gimenez
Birthday: January 29, 1945
Birth Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 5' 7"
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Susana Gimenez was born Maria Susana Gimenez Aubert in 1945. She has had an amzing career in Argentina since the 60s. Susana is said to be a great professional and a very spontaneous woman. She has headed a lot of movies, shows in theater, and the most well known televsion show in Argentina, "Susana Gimenez". She started her show on TV in 1987. The show was such a hit that has kept her working until today. By the end of the 60s, with Rodolfo Beban and Mrs. Ana María Campoy, she starred in a very successful play in the theater, "Las Mariposas son Libres". Also, she shared the cast of "Las Mariposas son Libres" with the leading actresses China Zorrila and Delfy de Ortega. Susana is very loved by her audience. Her spontaneous character, freshness, and charismatic personality has conquered millions of Argentine television viewers. Susana Gimenez has a daughter, Mercedes, and a mother, both of with whom she gets on well. Susana is a very close friend of the very distinguished television presenter, Tete Coustarot whom she met when the two of them were models. As a super-fashion and fancy woman, she is always in vogue with clothing, jewelry, and all kinds of accessories. Although, she almost never wears earings.
Esa maldita costilla (1999)
[ Betiana Blum ]
Me sobra un marido (1987)
[ Sylvia Peyrou ]
Terceto peculiar, Un (1982)
[ Moria Casan ]
Mujeres son cosa de guapos, Las (1981)
[ Moria Casan ]
A los cirujanos se les va la mano (1980)
[ Moria Casan ]
Rey de los exhortos, El (1979)
[ Carmen Barbieri ]
Donde duermen dos... duermen tres (1979)
Yo también tengo fiaca (1978)
Toque diferente, Un (1977)
[ Betiana Blum ]
Macho, El (1977)
Basta de mujeres (1977)
[ Susana Traverso ]
Conto è chiuso, Il (1976)
[ Marina Giordano ][ Leonora Fani ]
Hombres sólo piensan en eso, Los (1976)
[ Susana Traverso ]
Tú me enloqueces (1976)
Mi novia el... (1975)
Mary, La (1974)
Vení conmigo (1973)
[ Graciela Borges ]
Piel del amor, La (1973)
He nacido en la ribera (1972)
Todos los pecados del mundo (1972)
Así es Buenos Aires (1971)
[ Soledad Silveyra ]
Neuróticos, Los (1971)
[ Soledad Silveyra ]
Buscona, La (1970)
Mundo es de los jóvenes, El (1970)
Mochileros, Los (1970)
[ Soledad Silveyra ]
Fuiste mía un verano (1969)
Tiro de gracia (1969)
Sette uomini e un cervello (1968)
[ Ann-Margret ]
Novela de un joven pobre, La (1968)
En mi casa mando yo (1968)
  • Once girlfriend of boxing world champion Carlos Monzón
  • Daughter - Mercedes Sarrabayrouse
  • Grandsons - Lucia and Manuel Celasco
  • One of the richest people in Argentina.
  • She has a dog called "Jazmin".
  • She is the best paid actress in Argentinian television.
  • Once a model.

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