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Shelley Morrison Biography and Filmography
Shelley Morrison
Birthday: October 26, 1936
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA
Height: 5' 5"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Shelley Morrison.
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Despite remaining on the periphery of character stardom all these years, New York-born character actress Shelley Morrison has had a long and varied career since the early 60s. She started out on TV in such popular shows as "The Farmer's Daughter" and "Laredo," making a career out of an assortment of ethnic roles. In films she played Indian squaws in Three Guns for Texas (1968) and Mackenna's Gold (1969), as well as minor Hispanic roles in Castle of Evil (1966), Man and Boy (1972) and Troop Beverly Hills (1989). While most people remember her with fondness as the adorably shy but spirited Sister Sixto who had problems mastering English (Shelley did in real life as well, as Spanish is her native language) in the cult Sally Field starrer "The Flying Nun" (1967-1970), today's audiences have been relishing her turnabout performance as the vinegary El Salvadorean housekeeper, Rosario, the only character who doesn't mince words with Megan Mullally's socialite boss in another cult sitcom "Will & Grace" since 1998. Shelley's acting roots are firmly entrenched in the theatre, having performed, produced and directed hosts of plays over the years in Los Angeles, New York and abroad. Dampening the enjoyment of her renewed TV success, however, has been recent battles with cancer which is now in remission.
Whatever Happened to Baby Gin? (2006)
[ Megan Mullally ][ Debra Messing ]
The Mourning Son (2006)
[ Megan Mullally ][ Debra Messing ]
Buy, Buy Baby (2006)
Cowboys and Iranians (2006)
Shark Tale (2004)
[ Angelina Jolie ][ Renee Zellweger ][ Tara Strong ][ Katie Couric ][ Jenifer Lewis ]
Fools Rush In (1997)
[ Salma Hayek ][ Beth Broderick ][ Siobhan Fallon ][ Suzanne Snyder ][ Gloria Estefan ]
Conflict of Interest (1995)
[ Kelly Rutherford ]
One flew over the Courthouse (1995)
[ Kelly Rutherford ]
Pilot (1995)
[ Cree Summer ]
Cries from the Heart (1994)
[ Melissa Gilbert ][ Patty Duke ]
Columbo: It's All in the Game (1993)
[ Faye Dunaway ][ Claudia Christian ]
Good Help Is Hard to Find (1992)
Love, Lies and Murder (1991)
[ Cynthia Nixon ][ Moira Kelly ][ Sheryl Lee ][ Cathryn De-Prume ]
You Can Go Home Again (1990)
[ Wendie Malick ]
Troop Beverly Hills (1989)
[ Carla Gugino ][ Tori Spelling ][ Kellie Martin ][ Shelly Long ][ Jenny Lewis ]
Kids Don't Tell (1985)
[ Jo Beth Williams ][ Ari Meyers ]
Max Dugan Returns (1983)
[ Dody Goodman ]
Rabbit Test (1978)
[ Doris Roberts ][ Joan Rivers ][ Sheree North ]
Lassie: A New Beginning (1978)
Conspiracy of Terror (1975)
The Night That Panicked America (1975)
[ Meredith Baxter ][ Eileen Brennan ]
Devil Times Five (1974)
The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped (1974)
[ Farrah Fawcett ][ Karen Valentine ][ Louise Sorel ][ Jaime lyn Bauer ]
Breezy (1973)
[ Kay Lenz ]
Blume in Love (1973)
[ Shelley Winters ][ Susan Anspach ]
The Bear that Didn't Get Up (1972)
Stand Up and Be Counted (1972)
[ Jaqueline Bisset ][ Meredith Baxter ][ Loretta Swit ][ Stella Stevens ]
Man and Boy (1972)
To Carry the Sun in a Golden Cup (1970)
Mackenna's Gold (1969)
[ Julie Newmar ]
Three's a Crowd (1969)
[ Farrah Fawcett ][ Jessica Walter ][ Ej Peaker ]
Slightly Hot Parking Meters (1968)
It's an Ill Windfall (1968)
Two Bad Eggs (1968)
The Convent Is Condemned (1968)
Three Guns for Texas (1968)
How to Save a Marriage (And Ruin Your Life) (1968)
[ Stella Stevens ]
Divorce American Style (1967)
[ Debbie Reynolds ][ Jean Simmons ][ Eileen Brennan ][ Lee Grant ]
No Bugles, One Drum (1966)
Castle of Evil (1966)
When a Martian Makes His Violin Cry (1966)
The Jinx (1965)
Yahoo (1965)
An Ungodly Act (1964)
Justice Delayed (0)
[ Cree Summer ]
  • Shelley is a Sephardic Jew of Hispanic decent.
  • She and her husband have two dogs, a chow-collie mix named Katie and a Skye terrier mix named Charlie.
  • Multi ALMA award nominee for her work on "Will & Grace."
  • A breast and lung cancer survivor.
  • She had to learn English phonetically.
  • Married to non-fiction writer Walter Dominguez; together they have been honored for their work providing for the homeless and low-income families.
  • Following the Winona Ryder shoplifting scandal, Shelley was arrested for the same offense at a Robinsons-May store.
  • Has appeared in over 65 plays and has guest-starred in over 150 television series.
  • Appeared with her "Will & Grace" (1998) co-star Debra Messing in an episode of "Prey" (1998): "Revelations". While Messing was a steady member of the cast, Morrison only had a guest-starring role.

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