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Romy Schneider Biography and Filmography
Romy Schneider
Birthday: September 23, 1938
Birth Place: Vienna, Austria
Height: 0' 0"
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for Romy Schneider.
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The daughter of two popular European actors — Austrian leading man Wolf Albach-Retty and German film star Magda Schneider — Romy Schneider began her own career at age 15. Billed as "the German Shirley Temple," Romy starred in a series of fluffy comedies about young Austro-Hungarian Empress Elizabeth, better known as Sissi. She matured rather quickly, right before the eyes of her most fervent fans, with a sexy assignment in director Luchino Visconti's Boccacio 70 (1962). She also successfully tackled a difficult role in Orson Welles' The Trial (1963). After playing a prostitute in the big-budget war film The Victors (1963), Romy began her largely unrewarding Hollywood career, where she was usually cast on the basis of her ripe figure and cute middle-European accent. Settling in France in the 1960s, Romy became one of that country's most respected actresses, winning Cesar awards for her performances in L'Important C'est d'Aimer (1975) and L'Histoire Simple (1978). In her last years, she was beset by several personal tragedies, including the accidental death of her 14-year-old son. She was on the road to emotional and professional recovery when, in May of 1982, Romy Schneider was found dead in her Paris apartment; the official cause of death was heart failure, though many believe that she committed suicide.
Howard Hughes: The Man and the Madness (1999)
Passante du Sans-Souci, La (1982)
Garde à vue (1981)
[ Elsa Lunghini ]
Fantasma d'amore (1981)
Banquière, La (1980)
[ Marie France Pisier ][ Veronique Genest ]
Mort en direct, La (1980)
[ Caroline Langrishe ]
Clair de femme (1979)
Bloodline (1979)
[ Audrey Hepburn ][ Michelle Phillips ][ Irene Pappa ][ Olinka Hardiman ][ Claudia Mori ]
Une histoire simple (1978)
[ Blanche Ravalec ][ Eva Darlan ]
Gruppenbild mit Dame (1977)
[ Isolde Barth ]
Tausend Lieder ohne Ton (1977)
Une femme à sa fenêtre (1976)
Mado (1976)
[ Nathalie Baye ][ Ottavia Piccolo ]
Important c'est d'aimer, L' (1975)
[ Katia Tchenko ]
Vieux fusil, Le (1975)
Innocents aux mains sales, Les (1975)
Trio infernal, Le (1974)
Un amour de pluie (1974)
Mouton enragé, Le (1974)
[ Jane Birkin ][ Christine Boisson ][ Florinda Bolkan ]
Train, Le (1973)
Ludwig (1972)
[ Silvana Mangano ][ Adriana Asti ]
César et Rosalie (1972)
[ Isabelle A ][ Gisele Hahn ]
The Assassination of Trotsky (1972)
Bloomfield (1971)
Max et les ferrailleurs (1971)
Qui? (1970)
My Lover My Son (1970)
Choses de la vie, Les (1970)
Califfa, La (1970)
[ Pensieri Cattivi ]
Piscine, La (1969)
[ Jane Birkin ][ Ute Eckhardt ]
Otley (1968)
[ Fiona Lewis ]
Triple Cross (1966)
[ Claudine Auger ][ Jane Fleming ]
10:30 P.M. Summer (1966)
[ Melina Merkouri ]
Voleuse, La (1966)
What's New, Pussycat (1965)
[ Ursula Andress ][ Paula Prentis ]
Good Neighbor Sam (1964)
[ Kym Karath ][ Barbara Bouchet ]
Enfer, L' (1964)
The Cardinal (1963)
[ Carol Lynley ]
The Victors (1963)
[ Jeanne Moreau ][ Elke Sommer ][ Senta Berger ][ Melina Merkouri ][ Rosanna Schiaffino ]
Amour à la mer, L' (1963)
Procès, Le (1962)
[ Jeanne Moreau ][ Elsa Martinelli ]
Combat dans l'île, Le (1962)
Forever My Love (1962)
Boccaccio '70 (1962)
[ Sophia Loren ][ Anita Eckberg ]
Sendung der Lysistrata, Die (1961)
[ Ruth Maria Kubitschek ]
Plein soleil (1960)
[ Marie Laforet ]
Schöne Lügnerin, Die (1959)
Engel auf Erden, Ein (1959)
Katia (1959)
[ Senta Berger ]
Christine (1958)
[ Claudine Auger ]
Mädchen in Uniform (1958)
[ Christine Kaufmann ][ Sabine Sinjen ][ Gina Albert ]
Scampolo (1958)
Halbzarte, Die (1958)
Sissi - Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin (1957)
Monpti (1957)
Robinson soll nicht sterben (1957)
Sissi - Die junge Kaiserin (1956)
Kitty und die große Welt (1956)
Sissi (1955)
Letzte Mann, Der (1955)
Deutschmeister, Die (1955)
Mädchenjahre einer Königin (1954)
Feuerwerk (1954)
Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht (1953)
  • Daughter of Wolf Albach-Retty and Magda Schneider
  • Her daughter Sara-Magdalena, who resembles her very much, has already got several invitations to star somewhere, but the girl's father Daniel Biasini doesn't want her to follow her mother's steps.
  • Was engaged to Alain Delon (1959-1963)
  • Mother of Sarah Biasini.
  • Portrayed on a postage stamp issued on Oct. 3, 1998 by the French Post Office.
  • In 8 Femmes, when Louise (Emanuelle Beart) shows a picture of her former employer, it is a picture of Romy Schneider.
  • Good friends with German Bundeskanzler Willy Brandt. She was one of many celebrities supporting his politics of social novation.
  • Ranked #1 in a list by tabloid "Bild" searching the "50 most beautiful Germans ever" (30 April 2005).
  • Was good friends with French actor Jean-Claude Brialy and French TV presenter Michel Drucker.
  • Cesar award winner.
  • Stepfather was Hans-Herbert Blatzheim, a restaurateur.
  • Her role as Chantal in Garde à vue (1981) was held by Monica Bellucci in the American remake of the film Under Suspicion (2000).
  • Was good friends with director Luchino Visconti.
  • Shares birthday with French stage actor Jean Piat, singer Ray Charles, actor Gino Paoli and Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.
  • Had a younger brother named Wolfgang.
  • Her first husband Harry Meyen, a stage director, committed suicide in 1978.
  • Is buried at Boissy-Sans-Avoir cemetery.
  • Was nicknamed "Miss worried".
  • Her son - with Harry Meyen - David-Christopher died in 1981 after being impaled on a fence.
  • After her first movie, Wolf Albach-Retty wrote his daughter: "Put your childhood in your pocket and run away because that's everything you have!".
  • Pedro Almodovar's film Todo sobre mi madre (1999) is partially dedicated to her.
  • She never overcame the loss of her son. She suffered from depressions after his death resulting in an alcohol problem.

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