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Pat Priest Biography and Filmography
Pat Priest
Birthday: August 15, 1936
Birth Place: Bountiful, Utah, USA
Height: 0' 0"
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This sweet, wholesome, porcelain-skinned beauty was your typical bouffant blonde of the early-to-mid 60s. She was picture perfect whether romping along the coast of Malibu Beach in a bikini or peering over a white picket fence as the girl-next-door. Pat Priest was born in 1936 in Utah. Her mother, Ivy Baker Priest (1905-1975), was a renown government official and served as United States Treasurer under the Eisenhower administration from 1953-1961. She also was California's Treasurer while Ronald Reagan was Governor from 1966-1974. Living a glamorous debutante's life in Washington D.C. during her mother's 1950s term, she won attention as a beauty contest winner in the area. Stagestruck, she moved to Los Angeles and pursued commercials, modeling and community theater work. She happened to be in the San Francisco Bay area in 1964 when she got the call from Hollywood as a possible replacement for lookalike actress Beverley Owen, the "original" Marilyn Munster, who was suddenly leaving the "Munster" series for marriage. Most viewers never caught on that there was a cast change. The decorative sitcom role did wonders for Pat as the prettiest resident of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, making her a minor household name. On the down side, she was given very little to do but to serve as a pretty and innocent foil for the weird and funny characters around her. Her one-joke premise revolved around her feeling "abnormal" amid her ghoulish relatives. The show ran another two seasons with Pat, then she went on to what would become a less-than-enviable post-Munsters career. Other than a few guest parts in such shows as "Bewitched," "Perry Mason," "The Virginian" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," the pickings grew scarce. Deemed too old to play Marilyn after the series was cancelled (she was 30), she was replaced by red-headed Debbie (TV's "Tammy") Watson for the feature film Munster, Go Home (1966), which included the rest of her TV cast. She did dally around with Elvis Presley in Easy Come, Easy Go (1967) one of his lesser vehicles, and also appeared in the subpar cult horror flick The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant (1971), but film roles were almost non-existent after that. Pat finally retired from acting in the 80s but still attends many of the nostalgic conventions and "Munster" revivals around the country. At last report, she was restoring and selling homes in the Idaho area. Married twice, she has two sons.
Soupernatural (2007)
[ Dee Wallace ][ Pamela Sue Martin ]
Here Come the Munsters (1995)
[ Christine Taylor ][ Yvonne De-Carlo ][ Amanda Bearse ][ Veronica Hamel ][ Mary Woronov ]
Some Call It Loving (1973)
[ Tisa Farrow ][ Carol White ]
The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant (1971)
Samantha's Lost Weekend (1970)
And Something Makes Four (1969)
Easy Come, Easy Go (1967)
[ Elsa Lanchester ]
Herman's Lawsuit (1966)
[ Yvonne De-Carlo ]
Prehistoric Munster (1966)
[ Yvonne De-Carlo ]
The Fregosi Emerald (1966)
[ Yvonne De-Carlo ]
Will Success Spoil Herman Munster? (1965)
[ Yvonne De-Carlo ]
The Case of the Tandem Target (1964)
Looking for Love (1964)
[ Paula Prentis ][ Yvette Mimeux ][ Susan Oliver ]
East of Eden (1955)
[ Carol Baker ]
  • Was given a black convertible by Elvis Presley. She traded it in 2 years later for a new car, rather than keeping Elvis' convertible as a collector's item.
  • Best known for playing Marilyn Munster on the TV series _"Munsters, The "(1964)_ ; however, she took over the role after Beverley Owen left the series to get married. Priest stayed with the series until its cancellation in 1966.
  • Has two sons from her first marriage: Pierce and Lance. Both were in commercials when young.
  • Selected as one of the Capitol's "Ten Most Beautiful Women" while living in Washington D.C. with mother/U.S. Treasurer Ivy Baker Priest.
  • Selected as one of the Capitol's "Ten Most Beautiful Women" while living in Washington D.C. with her mother, U.S. Treasurer Ivy Baker Priest, whose signature appeared on U.S. currency from 1953 to 1961.
  • When she was a young girl, her family moved from Salt Lake City to Bountiful, Utah. Although Bountiful is a small town, she was exposed to entertainment work through her mother, Ivy Baker Priest, who often wrote, directed and produced road shows for the Mormon church.
  • Queen of the Norfolk (Virginia) Azalea Pageant in 1954.

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