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Pamela Susan Shoop Biography and Filmography
Pamela Susan Shoop
Birthday: June 7, 1948
Birth Place: Hollywood, California, USA
Height: 5' 7"
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for Pamela Susan Shoop.
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A veteran character actress with a prolific career, Pamela Susan Shoop began acting while in her teens and established herself as a television regular in the early seventies. Since that time, she has appeared in several guest spots on a variety of television programs while occasionally working in theatrical films. As recurring player for Glen A. Larson, Pamela has made many appearances in at least nine different shows associated with the famed TV writer, director, and producer. While she has worked primarily in supporting and guest roles, Pamela did hold the regular part of Allison MacKenzie in the television soap opera "Return to Peyton Place" (1972) from 1972 to 1973.
Deep Water Death (1987)
Death Stalks the Big Top: Part 2 (1986)
[ Florence Henderson ]
Death Stalks the Big Top: Part 1 (1986)
[ Courteney Cox ][ Florence Henderson ]
Knight of the Juggernaut: Part 2 (1985)
[ Mary Woronov ]
The Rousters (1983)
[ Mimi Rogers ]
Knight of the Phoenix: Part 1 (1982)
Knight of the Phoenix: Part 2 (1982)
[ Phyllis Davis ]
Knight Rider (1982)
[ Phyllis Davis ]
The Meek Shall Inherit Rhonda (1981)
[ Carol Wayne ]
Halloween II (1981)
[ Jamie Lee Curtis ][ Kyle Richards ]
The Fast and the Furious: Part 1 (1981)
Conquest of the Earth (1980)
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (1979)
[ Jane Seymour ][ Lauren Tewes ]
Christmas Watch (1979)
Silent Night, Unholy Night (1979)
Runaway (1979)
The One Man Jury (1978)
[ Angel Thompkins ][ Alexandra Hay ][ Geri ]
Empire of the Ants (1977)
[ Joan Collins ]
The Feminum Mystique: Part 1 (1976)
[ Debra Winger ][ Carol Baker ]
Changes (1969)
[ Teri Garr ][ Marcia Strassman ]
  • Daughter of actress Julie Bishop
  • Her husband, Father Terrance Sweeney, is an ex-Jesuit priest, who served as the technical advisor on the miniseries, "The Thorn Birds" (1983) (mini). They wrote a book together, entitled, "What God Hath Joined".
  • Her brother, Steve, is a doctor.
  • Father, Major General Clarence A. Shoop, was Vice President of Hughes Aircraft Company, head of flight testing for Howard Hughes, and Commander-in-Chief of the California Air National Guard until his death in 1968. During World War II, General Shoop flew the first reconnaissance mission over Omaha Beach on D-Day.
  • Has her own website,

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