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Meredith Viera Biography and Filmography
Meredith Viera
Birthday: December 30, 1953
Birth Place: Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Height: 5' 3"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Meredith Viera.
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The Stepford Wives (2004)
[ Nicole Kidman ][ Glenn Close ][ Bette Midler ][ Andrea Anders ][ Meredith Vieira ]
  • Is of Portuguese heritage.
  • Husband, Richard M. Cohen, teaches journalism at Columbia University.
  • Has 3 older brothers
  • Three children, with Richard M. Cohen: Ben, Gabriel and Lily Max.
  • She has a fear of bridges
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University.
  • Scored 1330 on the SAT as a high school junior, and scored 1300 as a senior.
  • She is allergic to metal, and, therefore, doesn't wear her wedding ring.
  • Was once approached to pose in Playboy, she declined
  • Lives in NY City suburb of Westchester County in a 2-story house built in 1929.
  • Graduated maga cum laude from Tufts University in 1975, with an English degree *
  • Husband, Richard M. Cohen, considered free of colon cancer after surgery in March, 2000. Has battled health problems over many years and is legally blind as a result of multiple sclerosis, which he contracted in his 20s.
  • Announced on-air during "The View" (1997) show in May 2002 that she's decided to accept ABC's offer to host the syndicated "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (2002) weekly series, beginning in the fall, while she continues to co-host "The View" (1997) for the next five years. Reportedly, her salary may jump from 0,000 a year to million.
  • Has stated on "The View" (1997) that because she wears pantyhose, she doesn't wear underwear. She thinks it would be redundant to wear both.
  • Hosted a special featurette of "Desperate Housewives" (2004) that will be featured on the series' Season 1 DVD box set, to be released in August, 2005.
  • In 2005, she became the second female to win a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host as host of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (2002). The first was Betty White in 1983 for "Just Men!" (1983).
  • Older brother Ed Vieira is a political activist that resides in Virginia
  • When she was at CBS at the same time as Paula Zahn, they each had a husband named "Richard Cohen".
  • Announced that she will be the new co-host on "Today" (1952) [April 6, 2006].
  • Has been chosen by NBC to replace Katie Couric as the female anchor of "Today" (1952).

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