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Maggie Cheung Biography and Filmography
Maggie Cheung
Birthday: September 20, 1964
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Height: 5' 6"
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for Maggie Cheung.
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One of Hong Kong's most respected and best-liked actresses, Maggie Cheung has done it all. Cheung's versatility as an action star, talented comedienne, and dramatic actress has allowed her to transcend the Hong Kong film industry to become a vibrant figure in international cinema.Born in Hong Kong on September 20, 1964, Cheung moved to England with her family at the age of eight. She remained in England until she finished her secondary school education. Upon returning to Hong Kong, she began a modeling career, which led to TV commercials and the title of first runner-up for Miss Hong Kong 1983. The following year, she broke into film, doing a number of vapid comedies with titles like Prince Charming, The Frog Prince, Happy Ghost 3, Happy Fat New Year, and Love Hungry Suicide Squad. She got her big break in 1985, when she was cast opposite legendary action star Jackie Chan in Police Story. The film's success gave her greater exposure, but it also resulted in her being typed in comic or damsel-in-distress roles. Cheung got her next big break, and her chance to prove herself as a dramatic actress, when Wong Kar-Wai cast her in his 1988 crime drama As Tears Go By. Although she continued to do comedies and put-upon-woman roles (starring in the Police Story sequels and appearing in the Chow Yun-Fat action flick A Better Tomorrow 3), she also sought out more challenging work. She earned strong notices for her work in such films as the family conflict drama Song of the Exile (1990) and Wong Kar-Wai's 1991 period drama Days of Being Wild. In 1992, Cheung won some of the greatest acclaim of her career for her work in The Actress, Stanley Kwan's docudrama about a silent film icon. That same year, Cheung further proved her versatility with starring roles in three more action films, Twin Dragons with Jackie Chan; the third installment of the Police Story trilogy; and The Heroic Trio, in which she and fellow action stars Michelle Yeoh and Anita Mui were cast as comic book superwomen. Following another collaboration with Wong on Ashes of Time, a 1994 period drama, Cheung broke through to an international audience in Irma Vep (1996). The popular film, directed by Olivier Assayas (whom Cheung married in 1998), featured Cheung as herself, an actress caught up in the chaos surrounding a filmmaker's attempts to make a tribute to Louis Feuillade's classic serial Les Vampires. Spending much of the film clad in an extremely flattering cat suit, Cheung endeared herself to international critics and audiences alike. The following year, she made her first English-language film, starring alongside Jeremy Irons and Gong Li in Wayne Wang's Chinese Box. Cast as a mysterious young woman named Jean, Cheung held her own against the more internationally well-established Irons and Gong. That same year, she won further acclaim for her work in the romantic comedy Comrades, Almost a Love Story, in which she played one of a pair of lovers kept apart for ten years by fate and circumstance.
2046 (2004)
[ Ziyi Zhang ][ Li Gong ][ Zhao Wei ][ Connie Francis ]
Clean (2004)
[ Tamara Mello ][ Beatrice Dalle ][ Cindy Brooks ]
Ying xiong (2002)
[ Ziyi Zhang ][ Zhao Wei ]
Fa yeung nin wa (2000)
[ Zhao Wei ]
Yi jian zhong qing (2000)
Bel hiver, Le (2000)
Augustin, roi du Kung-fu (1999)
Chinese Box (1997)
[ Li Gong ]
Song jia huang chao (1997)
[ Michelle Yeoh ][ Vivian Wu ]
Tian mi mi (1996)
Dung che sai duk (1994)
[ Zhao Wei ]
San tung gui shut doi (1994)
Fei yue mi qing (1993)
Wu xia qi gong zhu (1993)
[ Michelle Yeoh ][ Carol Cheng ]
Kin chan no Cinema Jack (1993)
Dung fong saam hap (1993)
[ Michelle Yeoh ][ Anita Mui ]
Chik geuk siu ji (1993)
Lim jing dai yat gik (1993)
Sediu yinghung tsun tsi dung sing sai tsau (1993)
[ Zhao Wei ][ Veronica Yip ]
Shen Jing Dao yu Fei Tian Mao (1993)
Zhan shen chuan shuo (1993)
[ Anita Mui ]
Zhui nan zi (1993)
Ching Se (1993)
Xian dai hao xia zhuan (1993)
[ Michelle Yeoh ][ Anita Mui ]
Chai gong (1993)
[ Anita Mui ]
Jia you xi shi (1992)
[ Loretta Lee ]
Leung goh nuijen, yat goh leng, yat goh m leng (1992)
Qian mian tian wang (1992)
Shuang long hui (1992)
Xin long men ke zhan (1992)
Zhen de ai ni (1992)
Bai mei gui (1992)
[ Veronica Yip ]
Yuen Ling-yuk (1992)
Jing cha gu shi III: Chao ji jing cha (1992)
[ Michelle Yeoh ][ Gwen Stefani ][ Barbara Harris ]
Saam yan jo sai gaai (1992)
[ Carol Cheng ]
Hua! ying xiong (1992)
Hei xue (1991)
Seung sing gusi (1991)
A Fei jing juen (1991)
[ Zhao Wei ][ Alicia Alonso ]
Fu gui ji xiang (1991)
Haomen yeyan (1991)
[ Zhao Wei ][ Loretta Lee ][ Carol Cheng ]
Zhi zai chu wei (1991)
San ren xin shi jie (1990)
Ketu qiuhen (1990)
Hong chang fei long (1990)
[ Loretta Lee ]
Ren zai Niu Yue (1990)
Ai zai taxiang de jijie (1990)
Gungun hongchen (1990)
Qiu ai ye jing hun (1989)
Bu tuo wa de ren (1989)
Ji dong ji xia (1989)
Shen yong shuang mei mai (1989)
[ Carol Cheng ]
Zai jian wang lao wu (1989)
Wo ai fu gui (1989)
Xiao xiao xiao jing cha (1989)
Wong gok ka moon (1988)
Ying zhao nu lang 1988 (1988)
Yue liang, xing xing, tai yang (1988)
[ Carol Cheng ]
Liu jin sui yue (1988)
Ging chaat goo si juk jaap (1988)
Guo bu xin lang (1988)
Ai de tao bing (1988)
Fei mao liu lang ji (1988)
Nan bei ma da (1988)
Qiu ai gan si dui (1988)
Shuang fei lin men (1988)
'A' gai waak juk jaap (1987)
Yong ai zhuo yi ren (1987)
Tian ci liang yuan (1987)
[ Carol Cheng ]
Cheng chong chui lui chai (1987)
[ Carol Cheng ]
Huang-se gushi (1987)
Xin tiao yi bai (1987)
Kai xin gui zhuang gui (1986)
Yuan Zhen-Xia yu Wei Si-Li (1986)
Ging chaat goo si (1985)
Meigui de gushi (1985)
Mo deng xian lu qi yuan (1985)
Sheng dan qi yu jie liang yuan (1985)
Yuen fan (1984)
[ Anita Mui ]
Ching wa wong ji (1984)
Shi lian zhuan jia (0)
  • Member of the jury at the Berlin International Film Festival 1997.
  • First runner-up Miss Hong Kong. [1983]
  • Spokesmodel of Hermes.
  • Spokesmodel of LUX shampoo.
  • Clean (2004/I) was turning point in her career. Before this film was made, she was only offered the roles of beautiful Asian women in Western films.
  • Olivier Assayas wrote the characters of Maggie Cheung (in Irma Vep (1996)) and Emily Wang (in Clean (2004/I)) specifically with her in mind.
  • The first Chinese actress ever to win the Best Actress award at the Berlin International Film Festival (1992 - for Yuen Ling-yuk) and Cannes Film Festival (2004 - for Clean)
  • Her parents are Shanghainese. While she cannot speak the dialect, she understands it.
  • In Hong Kong, she has been handed every role she has played since she was 18 without an audition.
  • Wanted to be a hairdresser as a child.
  • Was offered a role in X2 (2003) but turned it down because "If I start making films like that, they won't be proud. I'd feel like I was cheating. And I don't want half the world, we have 1.3 billion people in China, to know I'm cheating. That matters to me. I have more pride than that."
  • Learned French for her role in Augustin, roi du Kung-fu (1999).
  • Grew up in Bromley, Kent, when she lived in the UK.
  • Signed her divorce paper with Olivier Assayas on the set of Clean (2004/II) which was directed by her ex-husband.
  • She and Tony Leung Chiu Wai made 7 movies together: 2046 (2004), A Fei jing juen (1991), Dung che sai duk (1994), Fa yeung nin wa (2000), Haomen yeyan (1991), Sediu yinghung tsun tsi dung sing sai tsau (1993) and Ying xiong (2002). They also starred together in a short-lived tv-series: _"Sun sap si hing" (1984)_
  • Acted in 6 movies with Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia, whom she considered her idol and an actress she respected.
  • She was a finalist to star in Memoirs of a Geisha (2005).
  • Declined lead role in "Memoirs of a Geisha" because of racial sensitivity between the Japanese and the Chinese, due to WWII.
  • Although an icon of Asian cinema, she is actually a European with extended residence in Hong Kong.

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