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Kristin Davis Biography and Filmography
Kristin Davis
Birthday: February 23, 1965
Birth Place: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Height: 5' 6"
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Kristin Davis first earned recognition as the pretentiously rich "schemer" she played on Fox's Melrose Place in the mid-'90s. As Brooke, she was constantly creating problems for the more regular characters, and just a year after gaining full-time character status, she had to be written off the show because of viewer dissatisfaction. However, doe-eyed Davis would find an abundance of work on television and in film, and demonstrate more versatility than she had as the "meanie" on Melrose.She was born on February 24, 1965, in Boulder, CO. After moving to Columbia, SC, with her family, she attended Rutgers University. She then moved to New York City, where she worked in theater and commercials for some time. In order to work on Melrose Place, starting in 1994, she relocated to Los Angeles.Davis made many television miniseries and movie appearances after her bout with Melrose Place, including appearances on ER and General Hospital. She had a bit part in Nine Months in 1995, and was featured in a TNT made-for-TV movie, The Heidi Chronicles, also starring Jamie Lee Curtis, that same year. In 1998, she had a small part in Sour Grapes, a comedy by Seinfeld writer Larry David. She then starred in two television motion pictures: Atomic Train in 1999, as Megan Seger, and Take Me Home: The John Denver Story in 2000, as Annie Denver, and co-starring with Chad Lowe. Also in 2000, she starred in the feature film Blacktop, and in 2001, appeared in a TV movie called Three Days with comedian Tim Meadows.On the HBO series Sex and the City, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Davis played the innocent and adorable Charlotte York, a sweet and sensitive counterpart to the more blunt crassness of the program's three other female main characters. A striking contrast to the role she played on Melrose Place, Charlotte has provided Davis with a more diverse character range within the genre of drama-comedy on television.
Deck the Halls (2006)
[ Kristin Chenoweth ][ Alia Shawkat ][ Agam Darshi ]
The Shaggy Dog (2006)
[ Laura Kightlinger ][ Jane Curtin ][ Zena Grey ][ Annabelle Gurwitch ]
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (2005)
[ Taylor Dooley ][ Sasha Pieterse ][ Tiger Darrow ]
Soccer Moms (2005)
[ Gina Torres ]
The Winning Season (2004)
Splat! (2004)
[ Sarah Jessica Parker ][ Kim Cattrall ][ Cynthia Nixon ]
An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux (2004)
[ Sarah Jessica Parker ][ Kim Cattrall ][ Cynthia Nixon ]
The Cold War (2004)
[ Sarah Jessica Parker ][ Kim Cattrall ][ Cynthia Nixon ]
Out of the Frying Pan (2004)
[ Sarah Jessica Parker ][ Kim Cattrall ][ Cynthia Nixon ]
Three Days (2001)
Someone to Love (2001)
[ Kelly Ripa ][ Joanna Kerns ]
Blacktop (2000)
[ Amanda Tapping ][ Victoria Pratt ]
Take Me Home: The John Denver Story (2000)
Sex and the Matrix (2000)
[ Sarah Jessica Parker ][ Kim Cattrall ][ Cynthia Nixon ]
Atomic Train (1999)
[ Mena Suvari ][ Barbara Harris ]
Sour Grapes (1998)
[ Meredith Salenger ][ Karen Sillas ][ Deirdre Lovejoy ][ Sky London ]
Traveling Companion (1998)
The Pothole (1997)
A Deadly Vision (1997)
[ Ellen Burstyn ]
The Ultimate Lie (1996)
[ Blair Brown ][ Nicolette Scorsese ][ Sarah Lassez ]
Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995)
[ Catherine Bell ][ Michelle Scarabelli ][ Judith McConnell ]
Nine Months (1995)
[ Julianne Moore ][ Joan Cusack ][ Alexa Vega ][ Suzen Johnson ][ Betsy Monroe ]
N.Y.P.D. Mounted (1991)
[ Roxanne Biggs-Dawson ]
Doom Asylum (1987)
[ Ruth Corrine Collins ]
  • She moved to Columbia, South Carolina, when her father, a psychology professor, transferred to the university there. She later attended Rutgers University, and upon graduation moved to New York, where she began working in classical and contemporary theater, as well as commercials. Before her arrival on "Melrose Place" (1992), Kristin and a friend opened a yoga studio. She still enjoys yoga in her free time, as well as spinning and running. She resides in Los Angeles.
  • Was written out of "Melrose Place" (1992) in 1996 after only being with the show a year, reportedly because the viewers hated her character, Brooke, so much and the writers did not know what to do with her.
  • Her parents divorced when she was a baby, and she was adopted by her stepfather shortly after he married her mother in 1968
  • Enjoys a wide variety of music, from Dave Matthews, to Brazilian music, to Joni Mitchell-type folk music and even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Graduated from Rutger's University where her father was a psychology professor.
  • Hobbies include Yoga, Baking and Hiking.
  • Childhood hero was Gloria Steinem.
  • Wanted to be an actress since age 10 when she was cast in a community theater production of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
  • Ranked #42 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002).
  • Was the only one of the four actresses of "Sex and the City" (1998) not to get an Emmy nomination until 2004. She saw her three co-stars frequently nominated, but finally scored an Emmy nomination for the show's final season.
  • She is the only of the 4 main actresses from "Sex and the City" (1998) to guest-star on "Friends" (1994)
  • Best friends with Melanie Shatner
  • Is a Maybelline spokesperson
  • She and her ex-boyfriend Alec Baldwin guest-starred on "Will & Grace" (1998) and "Friends" (1994), though not in the same episodes.
  • Was a guest at Sarah Jessica Parker's 40th birthday.

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