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Keri Russell Biography and Filmography
Keri Russell
Birthday: March 23, 1976
Birth Place: Fountain Valley, California, USA
Height: 5' 4"
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for Keri Russell.
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With green eyes, clear skin, and a head of hair that any pre-Raphaelite would envy, Keri Russell became one of the most recognizable young actresses of the late 1990s. Propelled to fame by her title role on the WB Network's Felicity, Russell quickly endeared herself to critics and viewers with her searching and honest portrayal of a college freshman facing life on her own for the first time.Born Keri Lynn Russell on March 23, 1976 in Fountain Valley, California, Russell studied dancing from an early age. She later found that her love of dancing was good preparation for acting, insofar as both disciplines demanded self-discipline and an adherence to timing and choreography. Dancing led to a modeling stint, which in turn led to a trip to Los Angeles, where in 1991 she was cast as herself on the newly-revived Mickey Mouse Club. Russell stayed with the show until 1993, during which time she lived at Disney World, where the show was taped. During her time on the Mickey Mouse Club, Russell landed her first film role in 1992's Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. After her TV commitment ended, Russell moved to Los Angeles and in 1996 was cast in Aaron Spelling's Malibu Shores. In the same year, she did more film work in the little-seen The Babysitter's Seduction, and she continued her film work in 1997 with the comedy Eight Days a Week. In 1998, with her career flagging, Russell got her big break playing confused college freshman Felicity Porter, a part she nearly wasn't considered for because the show's creators felt she was too beautiful to have the problems her character did.Suddenly the subject of countless interviews and magazine covers, Russell found herself as one of television's hottest commodities, especially in the wake of the Golden Globe she netted for her portrayal of Felicity. Unsurprisingly, this new status led to a new range of opportunities, including her role in The Curve (1998), a thriller which had its premiere at Sundance and co-starred Matthew Lillard.
Waitress (2006)
[ Angy Samiou ][ Cheryl Hines ]
August Rush (2006)
Rohtenburg (2006)
[ Valerie Niehaus ]
Mission: Impossible III (2006)
[ Michelle Monaghan ][ Sasha Alexander ][ Carla Gallo ][ Bahar Soomekh ][ Sophia Crawford ]
The Magic of Ordinary Days (2005)
[ Mary Regan ][ Gwendoline Yeo ]
The Upside of Anger (2005)
[ Evan Rachel Wood ][ Alicia Witt ][ Erika Christensen ][ Joan Allen ]
Felicity Interrupted (2002)
Spin the Bottle (2002)
[ Amy Jo Johnson ]
The Power of the Ex (2002)
Time Will Tell (2002)
We Were Soldiers (2002)
[ Madeleine Stowe ][ Taylor Momsen ]
Mad About Mambo (2000)
Cinderelmo (1999)
[ Kathie Najimy ]
Dead Man's Curve (1998)
[ Dana Delaney ]
When Innocence Is Lost (1997)
[ Amanda Tapping ][ Nicole de Boer ]
Eight Days a Week (1997)
[ Catherine Hicks ]
Pilot (1997)
[ Anya Longwell ]
The Lottery (1996)
[ Veronica Cartwright ]
The Babysitter's Seduction (1996)
[ Phylicia Rashad ]
Clerks. (1995)
Honey I Blew Up the Kid (1992)
[ Julia Sweeney ][ Marcia Strassman ]
  • On People magazine's '50 Most Beautiful' list. [1999]
  • Cut her signature long, curly locks. [August 1999]
  • Parents are David and Stephanie.
  • Siblings are Todd and Julie.
  • Raised in Mesa, Arizona and Denver, Colorado.
  • Is an accomplished Dancer.
  • Shares a birthday with her fellow "MMC" (1989) cast member Josh Ackerman and her Mission: Impossible III (2006) co-star Michelle Monaghan.
  • After Keri had her hair clipped in August 1999, this affected the overall performance of "Felicity" (1998), where it affected fan consensus and the Nielsen ratings. A letter-writing campaign saved the show for another season, and the WB network came up with a resolution, where young stars will not alter their current hairstyles as a strategy to avoid a TV series airing on the WB network, to cause it to be cancelled, or for worse, having an actor/actress fired or subsequently terminated out of his/her contract.
  • She attended Highlands Ranch High School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.
  • Read for the part of Lois Lane for Superman Returns (2006), but lost to Kate Bosworth.
  • Did not return for the final season of "MMC" (1989) in order to film the short-lived sitcom "Daddy's Girls" (1994).
  • Is still friends with fellow "MMC" (1989) cast member Ilana Miller. She brought Ilana with her to the 1999 MTV Movie Awards.
  • Keri was not a strong singer when she was on "MMC" (1989) in the early nineties. She very rarely sang solo. She was hired for her acting and dancing abilities.

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