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Katerina Giajoglou

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Katerina Giajoglou Biography and Filmography
Katerina Giajoglou
Birthday: November 30, 1999
Birth Place: Athens, Greece
Height: 0' 0"
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Katerina Gogou was born in Athens, Greece. Her acting career started when she was still very young. She participated in over 20 movies. On 1977 she won the "Best Staring Actress" Award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival for her acting in the movie "To vari peponi". Apart from her film work she was best known as a poet. Her poetry works include the book "Three Clicks Left" which was translated in english by Jack Hirchman and published by "Night Horn Books". On 1993 she commited suicide at the age of 53.
Ostria, to telos tou paixnidiou (1984)
Parangelia (1980)
Vari peponi, To (1977)
Nai men, alla... (1972)
Yperohes nifes... koroida gambroi! (1972)
Ti ekanes ston polemo, Thanassi? (1971)
Agapi gia panta (1969)
[ Zoe Laskari ]
Oraia tou kourea, I (1969)
Trelos ta'hei tetrakosia, O (1968)
I de gini na fovite ton andra (1965)
[ Maro Kontou ]
Kalio pente kai sto heri (1965)
Mia trelli... trelli oikogeneia (1965)
Aponi zoe (1964)
Despinis Diefthindis (1964)
Gamos ala ellinika (1964)
Anisiha neiata (1963)
Palikarakia tis pantrias, Ta (1963)
Pseftra, I (1963)
Gynaikes theloun ksilo, Oi (1962)
Nomos 4000 (1962)
[ Zoe Laskari ]
Antras eimai kai to kefi mou tha kano (1960)
Xylo bgike apo ton paradiso, To (1959)
Allos, O (1952)

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