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Joyce DeWitt Biography and Filmography
Joyce DeWitt
Birthday: April 23, 1949
Birth Place: Wheeling, West Virginia, USA
Height: 5' 3"
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Joyce DeWitt was born the second oldest of four to parents Paul and Shirley DeWitt on April 23, 1949 in Wheeling, West Virginia but grew up in Indiana. Joyce began taking acting lessons when she was in high school. Although her father was hardly thrilled at his daughter's ambition, she persuaded him to let her major in theater in college. DeWitt soon moved to UCLA where she received her master's degree. After college, she worked as a legal secretary while at the same time going from audition to audition. Months passed before ABC offered her a choice of two comedy pilots but gave her only 24 hours to decide on which. After reading both scripts in a hurry, she chose the one about one guy living with two girls ("Three's Company" (1977)). She chose well - the other show never sold. She had been in numerous amounts of plays before but became familiar to everyone as the sensible, down-to-earth, football jersey wearing, brunette roommate, Janet Wood.Dewitt became famous and while many celebrities would automatically welcome in the huge amounts of attention, she usually kept to herself and didn't care too much for publicity.
The 3rd Annual TV Land Awards (2005)
[ Barbara Eden ][ Shirley Jones ][ Charo ][ Marion Ross ]
The Nick at Nite Holiday Special (2003)
18 (2001)
[ Dee Wallace ]
Spring Fling! (1995)
[ Lisa Robin Kelly ]
Friends and Lovers: Part 2 (1984)
[ Pricilla Barnes ]
Cupid Works Overtime (1984)
[ Pricilla Barnes ]
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (1983)
[ Pricilla Barnes ]
Jack's 10 (1982)
Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)
[ Julie Hagerty ][ Francesca Kitten Natividad ][ Sandahl Bergman ][ Dianna Ross ][ Katherine Gorzel ]
Steve Martin: Comedy Is Not Pretty (1980)
[ Meredith Macrae ]
With This Ring (1978)
[ Betty White ][ Mary Crosby ]
Most Wanted (1976)
[ Sheree North ]
The Goodbye Orphan Annie Blues (1975)
  • After "Three's Company" (1977) ended, she traveled the world before settling in New Mexico. She is slowly returning to acting. She and Suzanne Somers did not speak to each for almost 20 years.
  • Went to Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.
  • Received a master of fine art in acting from the University of California, Los Angeles.
  • When shooting "Three's Company" (1977), she always wore either pantyhose or tights, and refused to work bare-legged. Though this caused conflict between her and the show's producers, it endeared her to hosiery manufacturers, and she became the spokeswoman for L'eggs pantyhose in the late 70s.
  • Very active in theater since the age of 13 and prefers stage work to television.
  • Auditioned as Fonzie's girlfriend on "Happy Days" (1974) in the late 1970s, although she didn't get chosen for the part (explaining she was too short and young), she was cast as Janet Wood on "Three's Company" (1977) just a few weeks later.
  • Is a part of the LIFE (Love Is Feeding Everyone) organization where she, and other famous actors, are helping fight world hunger and homelessness.
  • Was a cheerleader in high school
  • Has three other siblings
  • Is part Swedish, part Italian.
  • Cousin of Fay DeWitt.
  • Has Irish Ancestry
  • Is a member of Chi Omega women's fraternity.

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