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Joanie Laurer Biography and Filmography
Joanie Laurer
Birthday: December 27, 1969
Birth Place: Rochester, New York, USA
Height: 5' 1"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Joanie Laurer.
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Chyna was born Joanie Laurer in Rochester, New York. Her parents divorced when she was young and her mother had "revolving door marriages" (Chyna said it seemed as if there was a new guy every year) and her father was an alcoholic. She describes her childhood/family life as "very dysfunctional". She never got along with her parents and says they were very cruel and abusive to her so she was raised by her sister, Kathy. Chyna says Kathy means everything to her - she's her best friend and "mother". After traveling the world on scholarship and holding many jobs (joining a band, belly dancer, pager saleswoman, etc.), she came back to the US to train and becoming a professional wrestler, Triple H, and become his valet in the WWF.
Cougar Club (2006)
[ Carrie Fisher ][ Faye Dunaway ][ Kaley Cuoco ][ Izabella Scorupco ][ Joely Fischer ]
Illegal Aliens (2006)
[ Anna Nicole Smith ][ Niecy Nash ]
Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy (2005)
[ Debra McMichael ]
Hunter: Back in Force (2003)
Frank McKlusky, C.I. (2002)
[ Molly Simms ][ Cameron Richardson ]
Tracker (Pilot) (2001)
On the Line (2001)
[ Britney Spears ][ Emmanuelle Chriqui ][ Tamala Jones ]
Divas in Hedonism (2001)
WWF Judgment Day (2001)
Wrestlemania X-Seven (2001)
[ Amy Dumas ][ Ivory Tina Moretti ]
Royal Rumble (2001)
[ Ivory Tina Moretti ]
Summerslam (2000)
Fully Loaded (2000)
King of the Ring (2000)
The Big Giant Head Returns Again: Part 2 (2000)
[ Angell Conwell ]
This Little Dick Went to Market (2000)
WWF Judgment Day (2000)
WWF Insurrextion (2000)
WWF Backlash (2000)
[ Amy Dumas ][ Debra McMichael ]
Alien Fury: Countdown to Invasion (2000)
[ Judy Geeson ]
Wrestlemania 2000 (2000)
No Way Out (2000)
Royal Rumble (2000)
[ Ivory Tina Moretti ][ Luna Vachon ]
WWF Armageddon (2000)
[ Amy Dumas ][ Debra McMichael ][ Ivory Tina Moretti ]
WWF Rebellion (2000)
[ Amy Dumas ][ Debra McMichael ][ Marlena ][ Ivory Tina Moretti ]
Survivor Series (2000)
[ Ivory Tina Moretti ]
WWF No Mercy (2000)
WWF Unforgiven (1999)
[ Debra McMichael ][ Ivory Tina Moretti ][ Luna Vachon ]
Summerslam (1999)
[ Ivory Tina Moretti ]
Fully Loaded (1999)
[ Debra McMichael ]
King of the Ring (1999)
WWF Attitude (1999)
[ Rena Mero ]
Wrestlemania XV (1999)
[ Rena Mero ][ Debra McMichael ][ Ivory Tina Moretti ]
WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1999)
[ Debra McMichael ][ Ivory Tina Moretti ]
Royal Rumble (1999)
[ Rena Mero ][ Debra McMichael ][ Luna Vachon ]
Armageddon (1999)
[ Ivory Tina Moretti ]
Survivor Series (1999)
[ Debra McMichael ][ Ivory Tina Moretti ][ Luna Vachon ]
WWF No Mercy (1999)
[ Ivory Tina Moretti ]
WWF Rebellion (1999)
[ Ivory Tina Moretti ][ Luna Vachon ]
WWF Mayhem in Manchester (1998)
[ Rena Mero ][ Luna Vachon ]
Summerslam (1998)
[ Rena Mero ][ Luna Vachon ]
King of the Ring (1998)
Wrestlemania XIV (1998)
[ Rena Mero ][ Luna Vachon ]
Royal Rumble (1998)
[ Tammy Fytch ][ Luna Vachon ]
King of the Ring (1997)
[ Marlena ]
Wrestlemania 13 (1997)
[ Marlena ]
WWF in Your House: Final Four (1997)
WWF One Night Only (1997)
[ Tammy Fytch ]
Summerslam (1997)
[ Marlena ]
WWF in Your House 16: Canadian Stampede (1997)
  • Worked as a belly dancer, pager salesperson, and in a band.
  • Has never been in WCW, unlike most WWF Superstars.
  • Started lifting weights at 15.
  • Jane Fonda is her "idol".
  • In an interview with the TV Guide Channel, former professional wrestler turned Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said that Chyna was his favorite wrestler and that she's the "the best wrestler out there as we speak".
  • Chyna is a licensed boxer, and was preparing for her first boxing match when she was hired by the World Wrestling Federation
  • Former World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion
  • Once worked as a singing telegram
  • Received her wrestling training under Killer Kowalski
  • When she first came to the WWF, the only people that wanted her there were Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Joanie can speak fluently in Spanish, German and French.
  • Became first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble
  • Became first woman to compete in the King of the Ring tournament
  • Became first woman to hold a men's title in he WWF by defeating Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental title in 1999.
  • Was a member of The Corporate Ministry
  • Was one of the founding members of D-generation X
  • Was a member of The Corporation
  • Has appeared in a commercial for STACKER 2
  • Was once made "Number 1 Contender" for WWF Championsip by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, but lost her spot to Mankind.
  • Has written an autobiography
  • Was called "The Breast Woman In TheWWF" by fellow DX member Shawn Michaels
  • Can bench-press up to 325lbs.
  • Once busted an implant while wrestling
  • Is friends in real-life with Debra
  • 2 time WWF Intercontinental Champion
  • Was co-holder of the WWF Intercontinental Championship with fellow WWF superstar Chris Jericho
  • She moved out of home when she was 15 years old
  • She went to the University of Tampa
  • She spent 6 months in Spain finishing off her major in Spanish literature
  • She travelled around Europe during her teenage years, and would spend 2 nights in Spain, and then off again for 4 nights in France etc.... She ended up spending two months in Germany.
  • Her father is a recovered alcoholic
  • She did other jobs like selling beepers, singing in an "old geezers" band, bartender, airline attendant, and a belly dancer.
  • Her mother married 5 times
  • Her parents' names are Joe and Janet. When her father remarried, he married Tina.
  • Left the WWF in June 2001 when she could not come to terms on a new contract due to money issues.
  • She lost the role of TX she desperately wanted to play in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) to model/actress Kristanna Loken.
  • 1 Nov 2002 - Engaged to Sean Waltman. Both Joanie Laurer and Sean Waltman were WWE superstars in the now defunct anti-authority stable Degeneration-X, playing the roles of Chyna and X-Pac respectively.
  • Once sought employment on the U.S. Secret Service.
  • Dated fellow wrestler and friend Triple H. The relationship ended when Triple H began dating Stephanie McMahon.
  • Worked for BTW (Big Time Wrestling) in Newark, California in the 90s.
  • First women to win the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship.

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