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Heather Menzies Biography and Filmography
Heather Menzies
Birthday: December 3, 1949
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Height: 0' 0"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Heather Menzies.
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Heather Menzies made her film debut at 15, as Louisa von Trapp in The Sound of Music (1965). Menzies followed this assignment with several well-scrubbed ingenue roles; she was prominently featured in one of the deathless anti-drug Dragnet episodes of the late 1960s. She underwent a startling image change in the 1970s, playing sexy roles with a minimum of clothing. In the 1977 TV-series version of Logan's Run, she was cast as Jessica 6, accruing a great deal of press attention for her extremely revealing costumes. She apparently retired after 1982's Endangered Species. Heather Menzies was married to actor Robert Urich.
Endangered Species (1982)
[ Jo Beth Williams ]
The Private Eye Connection (1980)
Everything I Touch (1979)
Captain America (1979)
[ Connie Selecca ][ Lana Wood ][ Robin Mattson ]
Piranha (1978)
[ Martine Beswick ][ Belinda Balaski ][ Janie Squire ]
Futurepast (1978)
Man Out of Time (1977)
The Innocent (1977)
Logan's Run (1977)
Tail Gunner Joe (1977)
[ Patricia Neal ][ Anne Murray ]
The Keegans (1976)
James Dean (1976)
[ Amy Irving ][ Katherine Helmond ][ Brooke Adams ][ Meg Foster ][ Candy Clark ]
Doctor Dan (1974)
SSSSSSS (1973)
Man in the Middle (1972)
Red, White and Busted (1972)
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)
Hail, Hero! (1969)
[ Jo Kennedy ]
The Joy Riders (1969)
Narcotics - DR-16 (1968)
How Sweet It Is! (1968)
[ Debbie Reynolds ][ Penny Marshall ][ Erin Moran ][ Luana Anders ][ Alexandra Hay ]
The Grenade (1967)
The LSD Story (1967)
Hawaii (1966)
[ Julie Andrews ][ Bette Midler ]
The Sound of Music (1965)
[ Julie Andrews ][ Angela Cartwright ][ Eleonor Parker ][ Kym Karath ]
  • Appeared in Playboy.
  • Heather went to Erindale Secondary High School.
  • Ovarian cancer survivor.
  • Sister-in-law of Tom Urich.
  • Children: Ryan (23), Emily (21), and Allison (4), as of April 2002.
  • She was godmother to the son of Kym Karath, her co-star in The Sound of Music (1965). They had become close friends despite the fact that while filming that movie's rowboat scene, Kym swallowed too much water and threw up on Heather - who had been designated to catch her.
  • Met late husband Robert Urich when they appeared together in a Libby's Corned Beef Hash commercial.
  • Has two grandchildren Michelle (born 2004) and Lana (born 2005). [2005]
  • Has a production company with her The Sound of Music (1965) co-star Angela Cartwright.
  • Attended Hollywood High School.
  • Distant cousin of Ewan McGregor.

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