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Eva Hassmann Biography and Filmography

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Eva Hassmann.
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Born in Herford, Germany, four year old Eva moved from Bad Salzuflen to the City of Braunfels. By the age of nine she moved on to Oldenburg and took ballet, tapdance and singing lessons.During that time Eva joined a free theater group. She had various parts, among others she played the role of "Nora" in Hendrik Ibsen's play "Puppenheim" (doll's house) and the role of "Prudence" in Christopher Durang's play "Therapie Zwecklos" (therapy futile) at the Staatstheater Oldenburg.After she finished school with the Abitur, Eva went to Berlin and lived there for three years. During this time she was able to get her first television and movie roles.
Bezaubernde Feindin (2006)
Meine bezaubernde Nanny (2006)
Mad Lane (2006)
Pommery und Leichenschmaus (2006)
[ Katharina Thalbach ][ Mareike Carriere ]
Pommery und Hochzeitstorte (2005)
[ Katharina Thalbach ][ Mareike Carriere ]
Brautpaar auf Probe (2005)
Tödlicher Umweg (2004)
Endlich Sex! (2004)
Zwei am großen See (2004)
[ Uschi Glas ]
Sperling und der Mann im Abseits (2003)
Engel und Paul, Ein (2002)
Pommery und Putenbrust (2002)
[ Katharina Thalbach ][ Mareike Carriere ]
Weihnachten (2002)
[ Katharina Schuttler ]
Fahr zur Hölle, Schwester! (2002)
[ Iris Berben ][ Hannelore Elsner ]
Mann von nebenan, Der (2002)
[ Andrea Sawatzki ][ Annette Krefft ]
Planet B: Detective Lovelorn und die Rache des Pharao (2002)
Glück sitzt auf dem Dach, Das (2001)
Honolulu (2001)
[ Alexandra Maria Lara ][ Chiara Schoras ][ Isabella Parkinson ]
Blondine sucht Millionär fürs Leben (2000)
Otto - Der Katastrofenfilm (2000)
Männer sind wie Schokolade (1999)
[ Katja Riemann ][ Jennifer Nitsch ][ Jessica Stockman-Stich ]
Gierig (1999)
[ Jasmin Tabatabai ][ Stoefen Mueller ]
Todfeinde - Die falsche Entscheidung (1998)
Trickser (1997)
[ Sophie Schuett ]
Coup, Der (1997)
Erste Mal, Das (1996)
Alle haben geschwiegen (1996)
Kalte Finger, Der (1996)
[ Tadjana Blacher ][ Gruschenka Stevens ]
Tourist, Der (1996)
[ Leslie Malton ][ Gruschenka Stevens ]
Unbeständig und kühl (1995)
[ Nicolette Krebitz ][ Jasmin Tabatabai ][ Regula Grauwiller ]
Falsches Alibi (1995)
[ Regula Grauwiller ]
Wer Kollegen hat, braucht keine Feinde (1995)
[ Martina Gedeck ][ Suzanne Von-Borsody ][ Bettina Kupfer ]
Botte di Natale (1994)
[ Tazzie ]
Einfach nur Liebe (1994)
[ Regula Grauwiller ]
  • First movie she directed: Mad Lane, came about when she visited Los Angeles, California to study directing at UCLA. Eva couldn't help noticing the unbelievable numbers of homeless people in Los Angeles. She went between Santa Monica Pier and downtown LA to met with a few and listened to what they had to say. Armed with producers Zaher Cassim and Blaine Gray, the vision of DP Joshua Hess, music by Harald Kloser and editing by Peter Boris Hassmann in 6 days and 18 locations, shot on super 16 short endings. That's how Mad Lane came about. The whole post production was done in Germany. Provided by CINE+, Cologne.

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