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Allison Hayes

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Allison Hayes Biography and Filmography
Allison Hayes
Birthday: March 6, 1930
Birth Place: Charleston, West Virginia, USA
Height: 5' 7"
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in)
for Allison Hayes.
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A former concert pianist and beauty contest winner, well-endowed blonde leading lady Allison Hayes entered films in 1954 as a Universal-International contract starlet. Most of her film work in the late 1950s was confined to inexpensive drive-in fare, notably such monster rallies as The Unearthly, Zombies of Mora Tau and The Hypnotic Eye. In 1961, Allison appeared on a weekly basis as nightclub songstress Chloe on the TV detective series Acapulco. Though her career was by and large unmemorable, Hayes achieved immortality of sorts as the scantily clad star of the original 1957 version of The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman; few who've seen this picture can forget the awesome spectacle of the gigantasized Allison stalking through a tinker-toy Las Vegas, bellowing "HAAARRRYYY.....I want my HUSBAAAAND". After several years' inactivity, Allison Hayes was rediscovered for the nostalgia-convention circuit by actor and horror enthusiast Barry Brown; alas, soon afterward, the 47-year-old actress died of blood poisoning.
Gomer Says 'Hey' to the President (1967)
The Case of the Deadly Debt (1965)
Tickle Me (1965)
[ Francine York ]
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (1963)
[ Elizabeth Montgomery ][ Carol Burnett ][ Jill St. John ][ Tura Satana ][ Meryl Macha ]
The Crawling Hand (1963)
The Case of the Bogus Books (1962)
The Case of the Captain's Coins (1962)
The Hypnotic Eye (1960)
The Case of the Singing Skirt (1960)
The Elusive Baguette (1960)
The Reluctant Witness (1960)
Deadly Diamonds (1960)
The High Powered Rifle (1960)
Pier 5, Havana (1959)
Counterplot (1959)
A Lust to Kill (1959)
The Secret Is Death (1959)
The Writer (1959)
Red Terror of Tombstone (1959)
Wolf Dog (1958)
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)
[ Yvette Vickers ]
Hong Kong Confidential (1958)
[ Bebe Tyler ]
Cool and Lam (1958)
A Bullet for an Editor (1957)
The Disembodied (1957)
The Unearthly (1957)
Zombies of Mora Tau (1957)
The Undead (1957)
Gunslinger (1956)
Mohawk (1956)
The Steel Jungle (1956)
Count Three and Pray (1955)
[ Joanne Woodward ]
Chicago Syndicate (1955)
Double Jeopardy (1955)
The Purple Mask (1955)
[ Angela Lansbury ]
The Prodigal (1955)
[ Lana Turner ]
So This Is Paris (1955)
Sign of the Pagan (1954)
Francis Joins the WACS (1954)
[ Mamie Van-Doren ]
  • Was the 1949 Washington D.C. entry into the Miss America pageant.
  • Whereas calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth, and many women take calcium supplements after menopause to prevent osteoporosis, doctors have now found out that the maximum daily dose should be 1,000 mg. Calcium can be toxic at doses of over 4,000 mg per day. The most serious side effects of calcium overdose are renal damage (which can lead to kidney failure) and damage to the heart and blood vessels. [Allison's death]
  • Measurements: 37-23-36 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
  • Roger Corman says in his introduction to the DVD version of "The Last Woman on Earth" that he first considered Allison for the title role in this film. He instead cast Betsy Jones-Moreland after seeing her in a play in Hollywood.

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