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Adrienne Wilkinson Biography and Filmography
Adrienne Wilkinson
Birthday: September 1, 1977
Birth Place: Memphis, Missouri, USA
Height: 5' 5"
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This blue-eyed beauty was born in Missouri. She started taking dance classes at the age of two, and was performing in recitals and on stage almost immediately. Her pursuit of dance continued through high school with various dance classes and companies.While a senior in high school she joined a theater troupe. A showcase with casting directors led to Adrienne being offered roles in two network series. In fact, these were her first two auditions. She had fallen in love with acting. At her parents' request, she put her new career on hold to finish high school. Then, two days after graduation she moved to Los Angeles to continue chasing her dream.Almost immediately, Adrienne booked roles in short films and frequently landed guest spots on many shows. In 2000 she landed the role that would introduce her to the world and bring her international fame, playing the duel characters of Livia and Eve, the daughter of Xena, on the most watched show in the world - "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995). Adrienne soon became a fan favorite, and when the show wrapped she quickly moved on to the lead in the UPN series _"As If" (2002)_ , where she played Nikki, the boy-obsessed college co-ed. From there she has continued to make many appearances in film and TV and is sought after for her voiceover work. Fortunate that she has never had a specific "type", Adrienne is able to move seamlessly from comedy to drama and from one distinct role to something completely different.She is known for compelling performances that are brave, focused with intensity, and grounded in sincerity. Adrienne continues to pursue her passion and is striving to create a timeless career that can be celebrated for the unique choices she makes and the diverse characters she portrays. She surprises, delights and leaves you wanting more.
The Sopranos: Road to Respect (2006)
Lakeshore Drive (2006)
Reflections (2006)
Saints Row (2006)
[ Mila Kunis ][ Tia Carrere ][ Tara Caballero ]
Expectation (2006)
WalkAway (2006)
Going Up! (2006)
Yesterday's Dream (2006)
Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (2005)
[ Olivia D'Abo ][ Claudia Black ][ Jennifer Hale ][ Gwendoline Yeo ]
Xena: The 10th Anniversary Collection (2005)
[ Lucy Lawless ][ Renee O'Connor ]
Dead to Rights II (2005)
Pomegranate (2005)
[ Talia Shire ]
EverQuest II (2004)
[ Heather Graham ][ Danica McKellar ][ Mae Whitman ][ Jennifer Hale ][ Kath Soucie ]
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004)
[ Sarah Michelle Gellar ][ Alicia Silverstone ][ Linda Cardellini ][ Anne Fletcher ]
Kill.switch (2003)
Interceptor Force 2 (2002)
[ Elizabeth Gracen-Ward ]
Churn 'Em Don't Burn 'Em III (2001)
Churn 'Em Don't Burn 'Em II (2001)
Churn 'Em Don't Burn 'Em (2001)
Path of Vengeance (2001)
You Are There (2001)
[ Alexandra Tydings ]
The God You Know (2001)
[ Alexandra Tydings ]
Who's Gurkhan? (2000)
Return (1996)
  • Studies with acting teacher and veteran actor Ken Lerner.
  • She is a producer and on the management team of the film and television production company Nite Owl Productions.
  • Has two younger sisters and one younger brother. Her sister Tracey Bradley is a director and producer with Pulse Studios (
  • Has worked with more than two dozen charities including literacy programs, animal rescues and scholarship funds for students whose lives have been affected by cancer.
  • Has had an active and growing Official Fan Club and Website since 2000.
  • She was a producer and co-founder of the film and television production company Nite Owl Productions from 2001-2005- , where she worked to find screenplays for development, co-created the initial structure and design of the company, and was highly involved in the funding process. A voracious reader, Adrienne has found several projects that she would like to produce in the future.
  • In 2004, she produced and starred in "Closer" by Patrick Marber at Stages Theater in Hollywood. Played the role of Alice Ayers. Other cast include Jeremy Robinson, Sandra Cevallos, and Cazimir Milostan. Directed by Ken Lerner with music by Nigel Weisehan
  • Graduated from Kickapoo High School in Springfield Missouri. Alumni include Brad Pitt and Jay Kenneth Johnson.
  • Her heritage includes Irish, English, Scottish, Cherokee, Danish and German.
  • Grew up as a dancer studying and performing everything from tap, ballet, jazz, ballroom and hip hop to Scottish highland and Irish dancing and even gymnastics. In high school, she was a choreographer and performer with PRIDE theatrics, a dancing, singing, and theater group that toured and performed for local high schools. Also established the dance troupe New Sensations which performed every summer through her teens.
  • Was part of the short-lived girls pop group S.L.A.M.M. The title used the first letter of each of the girls' names and also included Marisa Lauren, one of her oldest and dearest friends. Adrienne is still a singer, and hopes to one day incorporate that into an acting role.
  • She also works consistently as a public speaker and in appearances for fundraisers, charity events, and makes appearances for fans at media conventions. She is sought after for her entertaining stage presence, vast industry knowledge and her loyal fan following.
  • She is very selective about the products she endorses, her commercial roster includes a (2004) National commercial for Toyota Tacoma, and appearances in the (2002) Print ad campaign for Aspex Eyewear as well as a (1998) International Fuji Film print ad campaign.

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